Rock On 2

Rock On 2 is the sequel of a film which became a sensation among the youth, especially youngsters who loved rock music and inspired to have their own bands some day. A lot was obviously expected from the film because the prequel was a beautiful film about friendship, love and music.

Normally, in Bollywood sequels, the stories often begin afresh with new characters and new plots. But the biggest plus point of Rock On 2 is that it begins right from where it had stopped in the first installment. The debutant director Shujaat Saudagar had a big responsibility on his shoulder especially after what Abhishek Kapoor had delivered with the first film. He has intricately weaved each character and shown their struggles beautifully, whether it is a feeling of guilt, arrogance, failure or success.

What this film has successfully managed to do is not get into the clichés and have a believable storyline. It is only in bits and pieces when the story looks a bit mainstream.

The music of the film is a bit of a letdown. Rock On’s biggest strength was its music which was placed perfectly into the storyline without making it look unnecessary but that does not really happen in the second installment and few songs seem out of place into the script. The songs are not intriguing enough.

However, the biggest advantage is the performances by the actors. All the actors have got into the skin of the character and given a stellar performance. The story is believable and manages to narrate a band’s story pretty effectively.

I will rate Rock On 2, 3.5 out of 5.

  • Shujaat Saudagar
  • 2hr 22min
  • Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Prachi Desai
  • Musical Drama