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Room Decor – Colors That Add Life To Your Room

For every home-maker, home decor is the most favorite task. You will find your wife or mother, always buying beautiful pillow covers and décor items to add a special touch to your home. However, apart from these decorative pieces, the color of the room also makes a lot of difference.

Colors are intimidating. They highlight your thoughts, lifestyle and principles a lot. As a result, it is very important that you choose colors very carefully when coloring your home.

Orange Crush

orange-bedroomUnexpected! Ask your interior for beautiful orange shades and designs for your room. The color is vibrant and helps you stay lively and happy at all times. For a change, you can choose to have orange and white strips on the ceiling with stylish white furniture in the room. Compliment them with brown or green colored bedspreads to add a more personalized look. Choose to fashion the headboard yourself with a soft toile fabric.

Lavender Love

Lavender LoveLavender is a very soft color. Calm by nature, this color may help your moods stay calm and peaceful at all times. Use the color wisely with white ceilings. You can choose stylish night lamps with white and lavender combinations. A warm cashmere pull-over will be great to keep the bed neat and warm. Avoid using dark shades with lavender as they look tacky and absolutely off style.

Grown-up Pink

pink bedroomEvery time we think of the color pink, we relate it to a girl’s room. Well, it’s true! Pink is a girls’ color and used widely in decorating the room of our beautiful daughters.

Use a combination of beige and pink together to give a more stylish look rather a girly look to the room. Use off-white and pink shaded curtains and white furniture to add more life to the room. Use magenta colored pouf in the room. Using a vibrant shade of pink to color the ceiling will add more sparkle to your all princess themed beautiful pink room.

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