Proven Ways for Healthier and Stronger Hair
Healthier and Stronger Hair

There are very few people who grow their hair effortlessly. For the rest of us, we have to make extra efforts, have patience and more so deliberate on the best hair care routines. Unfortunately, it is never a bed of roses since you will always experience hair loss.

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8 Self-Care Habits To Achieve Your Wellness Goals
Self Care
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Wellness has become a generic term defining everything from health, fitness, beauty, food, relationships, to the soul. It’s a river of information one can drown in or get rejuvenated by. Wellness is the mini steps, you take on a DAILY basis, that transform you from the inside out, so gradually that suddenly one day you realize you look and feel like a totally new you, better than ever before!

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Is SmartLipo the Better Choice for You?

A lot of people speak poorly of liposuction and that’s because they do not fully understand what lipo surgery is all about, but only have a vague and misinformed concept of the term. It is not a procedure that is supposed to replace other weight loss plans and routines, but a form of treatment that was designed to help you get rid of fat that is particularly resistant to non-invasive methods of fat loss.

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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty!
Natural Beauty

We all know about dressing better, accessorizing our ensembles, slapping on some foundation, and perhaps even getting a little nip and tuck here and there. But how often do you look at yourself and see how you can improve your look without the crutches of physical products?

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The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Self-Tanner!

Let’s face it, the cold, wintry months often turn even the brownest of tans into a muddled shade of transparent. And, while wintertime often projects images of beautiful snow and ice, there are those of us that do not wish to blend in with the scenery.

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5 Enlivening Activities To Assist You Unwind From Your Work

It is so easy to take our work home with us, before opening a bottle (or two) to help us then try and forget it – a cycle that can leave us feeling over-worked and under slept. Thus, in an era where technology allows us to work wherever and whenever we want, it’s growing ever more important that we learn how to switch it, and ourselves, off. That’s why we’ve created this list of five easy, effective ways that will help you to do exactly that.

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Spotless Skin! How To Get Rid Of Facial Scars And Marks?
skin care
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Take care of your skin, at all times. When it looks like your skin does not need care, trust me, that’s when it needs the most. You need to maintain your skin at its best, and work harder towards it when it’s not. Our skin needs constant care, attention and the right regimen for it to remain in the pink of its health.

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Moles And Warts – How To Get Rid Of Them?
mole removal
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Every woman deserves a flawless skin and though some of the time less beauties like Marilynn Munroe pulled of a mole beautifully, most of the time such bumps and breaks are an irritation for most of us. Thanks to the evolving derma science, it is quite hassle free to get rid of them.

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What You Should Know About Your Teen Breasts?

How well do you know your breasts?? Well, being a woman, most of us are aware how and when are breasts feel and look different. But, when it comes to understanding the basics of our almost identical globular anatomies, we end up having more questions than answers in our kitty.
Yes they are our sex quotients! Yes, they are the primal feeding glands for our newbies! Yes, they are our most important body organ! But, apart from these we need to know a lot of other things about our breasts, especially when we are in our teens. For all you grown-ups, remember and try to answer this simple question, “As a Teenager, How much did you really know about your breasts??”

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Heat Blisters : How To Naturally Treat Them?
heat blisters
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Heat rashes usually occur when the sweat glands under the skin are blocked and the sweat is unable to reach the surface of the skin to evaporate. This causes inflammation that results into rashes which are referred to as blisters. Since these rashes tend to give that prickly itchy feeling, they are sometimes also called prickly heat.

Usually these blisters are mild and are filled with a transparent fluid or serum. In some cases, they may get infected and get filled with pus and blood. The surrounding area becomes red, itchy, inflamed and sensitive to touch.

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Don’t Shave Your Bikini Hair- Why??
pubic hair

Ouchhh!!! Getting a bikini wax is no less than a 3rd degree torture! Women who go through this pain will surely agree with me on this. Some, who are less a braveheart, choose to shave the hair off with a simple razor or a trimmer! Good enough! But, while we clean our pubic hair every

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The ‘On My Period’ Button On Facebook – Will It Change The Indian Mindset??
'On my period' Facebook button

A 20 year old girl wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg requesting him to add a button ‘On My Period’ on the Facebook. Arushi Dua, a law student from Delhi, India has requested to do so in order to spread awareness amongst Indians who in many parts of India believe Menstruation, as a taboo!

Letter written for a good cause, definitely! Agreed there are Indians who will wrap your purchased packet of sanitary napkin in a paper first and then in the transparent polythene bag, India, where women in period are barred from entering temples, women in period cannot cook, and beliefs or I should say taboos’ that keep changing as we move from location to location. But can a Facebook button ‘On my period’, will help remove this stigma?

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Keeping A Positive Mindset – For All Women
smiling woman
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“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha
Yes! It’s actually true. You become what you think of. Imagine it in this way: you picture yourself unconsciously in your thoughts going on a holiday and suddenly you have this urge of going to a certain place. For such thoughts to occur your surroundings play a major role. Like, what kind of people surround you, what kind of lifestyle you see and wish to have, In what manner you communicate, etc. Have you ever experienced that you desperately wanted something and suddenly you get it in form of gift or just by co-incidence.

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My Gynecologist – My Best Friend!
gynaec friend

A Gynaec visit… What are you pregnant?? Tell any of your friends about your gynaec appointment, and I am sure this is exactly the question they will ask you without sparring a thought. But, common ladies…it’s time we grow out of the shell and think wisely about our health. There can be several reasons why you need to visit your gynaec. And visiting him/ her doesn’t imply that you are prego or have menstrual issues.

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iHour – A Woman’s Sacred Hour!
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Life of a woman is all about her family! She lives not for herself but for her loved ones, forgetting herself in the process. But as time passes, she losses her identity and what she misses most is her ME time! The time where she can be herself, do whatever she likes and revive herself. But, taking out time from her responsibilities is not easy thing. Instead, she can take out an iHour, an hour for herself alone.

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Can Eating Habits Cause Irregular Periods?
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Do you keep a check on your periods, its irregularity and the flow? If you do, you should probably know when your periods become irregular, heavier, lighter, painful and longer. The alteration in our periods is usually caused due to several factors such as stress, health problems and also your food eating habit.

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Menstruation A Gift – Say Yes To Reusable Pads And Cups!

Menstruation is something which women live with for an average of 40 years. Yes… it sounds rather a very long time indeed. But, although it is a major part of our lives, most women, don’t accept it as a boon or a gift. We make faces, feel depressed and curse the bleeding.

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The Panty Revolution – Say No To Pads And Tampons With THINX!!

Leaky periods No More! Can you imagine feeling comfortable, dry and Non-leaky on your periods days? Well, I bet you can, Now! When it comes to periods, we all have our list of stories and experiences related to sudden periods, leakages and its related uncomfort. Be it PADS or TAMPONS, neither of them sounds good to us. This is the time when we all think of a CHANGE, a change that is easy and comfortable at the same time.

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