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Tips for Choosing Photos to use in Holiday Cards

The holiday season is filled with so much joy and laughter and is the best time of the year for most people. The season is even better when you get to spend time with your loved ones. If you are considering taking family photos, the holiday season makes that easy for you because you can gather everyone together.

If you are unable to join the rest of your family for the holiday festivities either because you will be working or because you live far from them, you can send them holiday photo cards to let them know that you are thinking about them. You can also write a personal message to your family on the holiday card and this will mean so much to them.

What Should You Have in Mind When Sending Holiday Photo Cards?

Holiday photo cards provide a personal touch when you are trying to connect with your family during the holidays. These cards are also a good excuse to update your family photo album when you gather every member of your family for a family photo. If you are living far from your family, you can also introduce them to your new fiancé or baby by sending the photos in the holiday card.

It is better to send a one-holiday photo card for your family instead of sending a card to every person. It is recommendable to include only one or just a few photos in the holiday photo card instead of many photos. When choosing a photo, you should consider a size that can fit in an album or a scrapbook. Smaller cards may look more appealing than those that are excessively big.

When you send a holiday photo card, you should avoid writing a lot of words because as they say “a photo is worth a thousand words”. It is important to write your first and last names in the holiday cards so that the recipients know who exactly sent them the cards. You should send the cards before the holiday period so that they are delivered before the holiday.

The post offices are busy during the holiday season and therefore there may be delays. It is also important that you get the address right so that your cards don’t land in the wrong places. When deciding who to send the cards to, it is important to prioritize people who reply to your cards. If you have been sending cards to a family with no responses, it may be that they moved to a new place or they are not interested in sharing holiday greetings.

How to Choose a Photo for a Holiday Card

You should choose your best photo to attach to the holiday. it is important to choose the right photo for the right audience. It is important to have every member of your family in the photo to avoid raising concerns when you send a card without them.

You don’t always need photos taken with a professional camera because you can print phone photos. You should also learn to embrace imperfections and keep the photos looking as real as possible. You can keep the photos as simple as possible without complex poses.


Holiday photo cards provide a personal touch to your holiday greetings and they are a great way to connect with your family. When choosing a photo to use, you should choose the best one for the people that you are sending to. You should send the cards before the holiday season so that they are delivered on time.

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