The Emerald of Himalayan Ranges – Khajjiar

Khajjiar is one of the most spectacular places in India. The beautiful Khajjiar located in the hearts of Himalayan Ranges is officially known as mini-Switzerland of India. Khajjiar is possibly one the India’s most charming places. The place looks picture perfect. Khajjiar is 6,450 feet above the sea-level in a shape of saucer. The place is covered with Devadar trees with a beautiful lake in the middle. The large meadow is quite a sight when you are going towards Chamba town. Here you will find the rare combination of ecosystem; the forest, the lake and the pasture all three at same place.

It is situated in midway of Dalhousie and Chamba. The road from Dalhousie passes through some steep roads and dark emeralds of dense green forests with pines and cedar. When you enter Khajjiar, you can feel the peace and untouched innocence. It is the most endearing and pleasant place in Himachal Pradesh.

khajjiarGlacier lake of Khajjiar is surrounded by Deodar trees. It is situated at the center of lush woods. Its shape is like that of a saucer. Basically like a huge bowl with 7 emerald-turf meadows. The lake is surrounded by high mountains and dense pine forest. Between its fringes, you can view thick forests form the banks of river Chenab, Beas and Ravi. With a splendid look of the nature and magnificent lake and the wet fragrance that keeps you fresh one can simply stay there for hours and feel the cool breeze.

Khajjiara has many such beauty spots for the tourists to spend time. One of the places that you must visit is Khajji Naga shrine. The place has a temple of Khajji Nag that was build during 12th century A.D, it 15-20 mins walk from the lake. The temple has beautiful mandapa with images of Kauravas being defeated by the Pandavas on it. The chambers of the temple are having carvings of wood are very beautiful. There are more to the attraction of Khajjiar, a beautiful golden-doomed Devi temple, a heavenly golf course.

There no words to the beauty of Khajjiar. A camera can hardly capture the enticingly captivating & mesmerizingly thrilling experience that the eye catches. A place I would like to add in my list of “Place you must see before you die” list.

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