Sneha Ullal talks about her secret Hair care Nuskha
Sneha ullal

Nuskha thinks one step ahead and also includes a beautiful pillow protection cover which you can use on the days of your oil application regime. The herbal oil therapy by the brand Nuskha takes you back to the good old days of a hair massage with your granny’s hands.

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Unsung Stars – The Beginning by Bhagyashree Saini
unsung stars

Past circumstances mend the person into their present self and so has it to Bhagyashree Saini, an aspiring Civil Servant, and a Women and Child rights activist from Khetri, Jhunjhunun district, Rajasthan. Her rural upbringing in early childhood gave her a closer and intrinsic perspective on nuances related to the discrimination faced by a girl

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Gangraped For Dowry, Raped for Ego, Raped and Murdered for Lust – Are Our Kids Really Safe?
Gangraped for Dowry

The horrifying truth that our society is showing us each day, is something I had never imagined. Unnao, Kathua, Surat, Karimgunj, name any place, Rape and Dowry are the two truths that women and little girls have to deal with today.

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Saudi Women Will Finally Face the Adrenaline
Saudi Women Driving Car

A historic news for Saudi women came in on Tuesday when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, lifted the driving ban on women. After facing negative remarks globally for detaining women who were trying to protest this ban, the kingdom has finally decided to leave their conservative ways and step into the 20th Century.

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5 Wedding Rituals That Are Weird, Cruel and Funny!

Attend any wedding across the world with different religions or ethnics, they are interesting and unique. You may always find something very different in every marriage you attend but they as they are always not about throwing the bouquet, hiding groom’s footwear or carrying wife in arms. It is actually more than we could imagine, you know the world is an amazing place and so do its wedding rituals and traditions. There are some of the weirdest wedding traditions across the world that would surely leave you in the shock zone, yes they are so strange that some of them would make you cringe! Believe it or not we live in a world like these!

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Women Here Are Forced To Drink Water From Shoes In The Name Of Exorcism!

From nearby villages, every week hundreds of women are brought to the Bankaya Temple of Bhilwara where women are subjected to go through degrading superstitious practises that are as much as menacing in the name of healing the evil. Regressive traditions continue to suffocate women in the clutches of patriarchy and unfounded beliefs. The Bhopas (the quasi priests and the healers) put women through multiple rituals that are unacceptable in any society is clearly an atrocity towards women.

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Malawi’s Cleansing Tradition: Man Gets Paid For Sleeping With Girls, Widows!
Child Marriage, Mozambique, 2014

Eric Aniva, a man is his 40’s is a Hyena selected by the community in Nsanje district in southern Malawi. He is the preeminent Hyena of the village and is proud of it. A sexual cleansing is required when a woman becomes a widow – She first needs to have sex with Aniva and then can bury her husband, Women who faced an abortion also need a cleansing says the tradition. Teenage girls, who gets their first menstruation are forcibly made to have sex with Hyena for over a period of three days and if they refuse it is believed that diseases and misfortune would embrace the girl and her family or even the whole village.’

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A Troubling Tradition: Kidnapping Women For Marriage In Kyrgyzstan!
Kidnapping bride

Altanay was kidnapped when she at 18. She became pregnant after 6 months and was kicked out of the house by her kidnapper husband and his mother. Later her husband married another woman after forcing altanay a divorce. Bride kidnapping was considered as a revival of Kyrgyz tradition and identity after the collapse of Soviet Union of Kyrgyz independence. The tradition is violating women’s rights and the same message is being spread across to young men and women in the country.

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Geeta’s Gut-Wrenching Life Story: It Angers, Empowers And Inspires!
Geeta Cover

Geeta left her husband when she was 20, with her two children – with no one to support! Neither she had a shelter to live in nor a penny to spend on her kids or for herself. Today she is a popular Bollywood stunt woman, who fights the heroic scenes that we watch in movies, just like she fought with horrifying situations until she became a stunt woman.

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Prostitution After Marriage Is A Practise Here, And Women Have No Options!
Women Planet -

Rani, who is a Perna community’s Daughter-in-law and is also a resident of Dharampur in Delhi, has made prostitution as her work profile. She leaves her home at 2:00 AM and earns back as many as 5 customers on a very good night. She avoids cops as they come for a free service and also takes money that she has earned. Rani comes back at 7:00 AM, prepares breakfast for six children and husband and then goes for a little rest. She recalls those days when she was married, it was almost two years and now she had to be ready, for her husband would introduce her to the world of prostitution. “I knew it would happen, it’s very normal,” she said. “I do it to earn for my family.”

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8 Indian Laws Against Sexual Harassment You Must Know!

Indian Constitution is a huge thing to read, and difficult to even remember. But it is made for us, for our safety and rights to know what rights we possess, and hence we should know at least few of them, shouldn’t we? In the wake of increasing murders, sexual harassment one needs to know very few acts and laws made for the welfare of its citizens and to give criminals the best possible punishment. Here are 8 laws which everyone irrespective of them being a man or a woman should know!!

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Behind The Closed Doors Of Delivery Rooms Are Slaps, Pinches And Verbal Abuse!
Government Hospital -  Cover

We knew about the bad condition of Government/Public Hospitals in India, they scantily meet the levels of basic requirements. They are ill treated and maintained, are smelly and most of the techniques and medical instruments are unavailable. Patients are not paid good attention nor are any doctors well experiences. We have heard them all, what else? Have you ever heard an inside story, what happens behind the closed doors of delivery rooms? This has come as a shocker!

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Killed On Wedding Night- 8 Year Child Succumbed To Forced Sex By Her 40 Year Old Husband
8 year yemeni bride dies cover

Humanity is depleting day after the other, and we are not surprised from the news that we hear and read from across the world. To talk about the recent cases, where ISIS burn 19 alive girls for refusing sex with the militants, the Vietnam child sexual abuse online and many more that leaves us stuck in the time for a while, are traumatizing. Here’s one more to the list, which will make you helpless as there’s nothing you could do! Here Economy is the issue it seems!

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He At 70, Married His Live-in Partner Aged 60, Meet This Amazing Indian Tribe!
Cover - Garasia Live-in couples

The indigenous Garasia tribe from Rajasthan that breaks this notion has made national headlines, all thanks to moral policing of India. People from this tribe follow this tradition from more than thousand years. And the best example is of Naniya Garasiya, a 70 year old man who married his live-in partner Kaali, 60 in the presence of their grandchildren. Naniya has three sons, who married their live-in partners on the same day.

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Judge Shruti Kumar – The Proud Daughter Of A Chai Wala!
shruti 1

Winpirations – Women Who Inspire The World!
We wanted high-tech schools, we wanted the best tutors and a peaceful ambience in our home to achieve success in our educational career. Lucky weren’t we? But what about those kids who don’t have all those luxuries to study and become what they dream off?? The story of Shruti Surinder Kumar and her achievements is worth a salute! Today, she is an inspiration to millions who wish to live their Dreams.

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5 Things I Learnt From Chanda Kochhar’s Letter To Her Daughter!

The world knows her as a Padma Bhushan awardee, a top notch business woman but what we couldn’t gather till now was that, along with acing the world of banking sector, Chanda Kochhar, ICICI Bank Managing Director and CEO is also a great mother! On the corporate front, most of the women have her as their dream business mentor, but now she teaches us about life and parenting! And believe it is not something to skip, every mother, daughter or for that matter every parent and child should read her letter once to the life’s real essence put down neatly with her real life examples.

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Allowed To Rape Women As Reward – Dark Reality Of South Sudan!
South Sudan Rape - 3

According to the UN reports, 1300 women have been raped in just one state of ten oil rich states by the militants, who are allied with the South Sudan army last year. The army was the part of government operated ‘Scorched Earth’ policy to deliberately target the civilians for killing, rape and pillage.

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Pink Auto Rickshaws, For Women And By Women Now In Mumbai!
Pink Auto - 1

Women Safety has been one of the priorities of any ruling parties in India and they have often reported to initiate several schemes and plans. Some womanly measures happens to be hit while others remain in files. In yet another women safety measures, the most recent one is the ‘Pink Auto Service’, getting a green signal from the Maharashtra government.

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