Indian Couples Choosing Nude Wedding Photo shoots: A Bold Choice?

In a society like India, where people finds it horribly wrong to hug and kiss in the public is now going to the trend which is uncomfortable for professionals. Gurgaon based Priyanka Sachar, a couple photo shoot professional received a request from a Groom-to-be in Lucknow, reported by Times of India. Priyanka says, “He wanted an intimate photo shoot – a couple shoot – with nude poses on his wedding night. I had to turn down the request, because I was not comfortable doing something like that,” adding more to this, the lady photographer said “It’s not as though nude photography does not happen. In fact, boudoir photography is fairly common, where a woman may want to capture the best of herself. And it is done very tastefully. But clicking a couple on their wedding night – I’m not sure if the couple is actually being kinky or just wants pictures for themselves?”

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Women In Brothels Do Have Feelings, Families And Fetishes By Men!

Brothels and the prostitutes living in them! Just two words mentioned in the previous statement would have hardened feelings of many people reading this. Generally we have bad impressions for women associated with body business, abusing them, not discussing about them or having a bad eye for them is what we all do. There’s only one thing we know why these women are into selling their body is, Money! Do they have feelings? Is doing this as a profession is easy for them?

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10 Innocently Silly Behaviors That Define Student-Teacher Life At School!

Teachers Day is the day when we thank our teachers who engraved the basics into our life, who became those steps in the ladder for us to climb high. Though there should be no special reason to thank them for what they have build in us, but to make them feel special, we have this day dedicated to Teachers on 5th of September every year. Though we love our teachers today, there were times when we might have disliked them for some or the other reasons, there might be days when you must have made fun of them, you also might have been part and parcel of those unending class masti. Let’s go back to our classroom masti which probably we all did, read the below points to cherish your teacher-student relation.

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10 Indian Women Freedom Fighters You Should Remember Today!
Happy Independence Day

It’s the 70th Indian Independence Day and we are puffed up with pride. Going back and revisiting the pages of history we have often found the mass freedom movements, patriotism at it’s peak while people being punished for loving their country. We know Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Jagat guru and many more freedom fighter who put their nation before their lives. Women also walked shoulder to shoulder with men in the freedom movement of India.

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I Never Believed In Friendship, But A Tragedy Changed My Life!
Friendship Day 2016

Police was already on the station and things got taken care. I was still not stable, the girl who saved me was no one but a colleague from my office. I recalled she was the one who shared smile every time I made an eye contact with her, but I walked away showing zero gestures. As she kept her hand on my shoulder, “Are you okay?” I hugged her tightly and cried like a horror struck baby. She hugged me back and consoled me, asked me to be calm as everything was in control. After two days I reached office at time and there she was with a morning smile, I smiled back! I felt good, refreshing and my day went well than it did earlier.

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5 Genius Breastfeeding Accessories For A Healthy Baby And Mother!
World Breastfeeding Week 2016 - Women Planet

This week we are marking the WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2016, which is unquestionably important to the living kind. In order to spread the awareness of breastfeeding, the world is united to exchange knowledge spread across the vast globe, and so Women Planet is also doing its bit. Breastfeeding is natural, though it is highly considered sexual let’s not forget it feeds the human babies and it’s not an easy task. The child may latch the breast as a trained master to suck the milk, but it is not all goody goody feeling to the new mother. She’s a new mother, she might be not aware of how things work and thus she needs someone elder to guide and if not then she needs genius Breastfeeding accessories which can reduce the challenges.

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While We Ban Women In Period From Kitchens, Odisha Celebrates Menstruation!
women celebrating mentruation in Odisha - Cover

While the world have been criticized for considering Menstruating as a taboo, Odisha is setting an example of liberty, shattering the shackles of superstitions since years. The state is known for recognizing ‘Menstruation’ as a pure event and is thus known for celebrating a festival known as ‘Rojo’ or ‘Raja’, pronounced as ‘raw-jaw’ which is derived from the word ‘Rajaswala (menstruating women)’.

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Are Father’s Given Equal Importance Compared To Mothers?
15202407 - father helping his daughter to take first step of life

Mother! We all know mother is the source of emotions and thus we are more connected to her, she deserves that love from us and every one of us. But what about Fathers? Why there’s an impeccable hype on mother’s day and in comparison almost nothing on Father’s day? We understand mother brought us to this world after surpassing immense pain, torture, life changes and what not? But is that less important, that there was always a man who stood by her side, woke up for nights during your mother’s labor pain? He was your father! He is no less than a Hero!

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Specially-abled People Have Feelings & Sexual Desires Too!

Have you ever wondered about the sex life of the disabled or about their love life and romantic encounters? Would you agree to date or marry a disabled person? Maybe, a hesitant and guilty no. Don’t you think it is ridiculous that people with disabilities are regarded as asexual beings, without any need for love, sex or romantic relations?

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Because Man Helping A Woman Is SO NOT Indian Right?
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In Indian society, men are not suppose to cook – Well they only do it in three conditions 1. It is their career. 2. They love to cook and hence they help their mother or wives. 3. There’s no good option available in the absence of sister, wife or mother, so COOK! And it’s not just about Kitchen roles… it’s everything! Why have we stereotyped work only to Women? The reason is unsaid but this small video would definitely force you think, a change!

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Motherhood – Living The Biggest Challenge Of life With A Smile!!

Maa… Mummaa… Mommy… Aaai… Amma… So many names for a Mother!! For a woman, becoming a mother is the biggest challenge in life. A Task which even the most gruesome taskmaster might fail when endowed. Being a Mother is much more difficult than passing some top grade intellect exam. And trust me when I say it. It is as good as a new beginning to one’s life. There have been hundreds of instances when I would simply be awestruck by my mom’s abilities to manage different issues together, single handedly. And when asked how she managed, there would always be the same answer – You will learn when you become a Mother! And rightly said, I did learn multi-tasking only when I became a mother to my daughter, my love!

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Happy World Dance Day!

It’s that little shake you do when things work out for you, a contagious happiness when a group is grooving to its favorite song, an intimate movement shared with your partner, a shared joy by the whole community, a way of devotion and a form of art.

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Taharrush Jama’i’ – The Public Gangrape Game!
Taharrush Jamai - 2

‘TAHARRUSH JAMA‘I’ – An Arabic term which translates to ‘Collective Sexual Harassment’.

A sexual attack on women, not in bushes or lonely streets but assault by a group of men in public places where hundred other men can watch the heinous crime happen to the victim. This barbaric act is performed as a game in Egypt since a decade and now has made its way to Europe through the refugees that flooded the country due to political revolution. The first recorded act was in Cairo during Egyptian constitutional referendum on 25 May 2005.

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Spreading Smiles With Muskaan Hygiene Kit – A Women Planet Initiative!

After an interesting discussion on Menstruation, girls happily shared their first experiences of period. They learnt from today’s session that period is not a taboo and hence we shouldn’t hide it but should be proud about the same. In those giggles and shyful head downs, we learnt that they enjoyed the session with Women Planet Foundation. Those Thank you smiles when they received the ‘Muskaan Hygiene Kit’ (which included Sanitary napkin pack, tissue packet, Toilet Soap and a skincare product) from Women Planet Foundation were awe struck!

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Small Steps Towards Change, Viddroh Group Shows The Mirror Image Of Society!

Media is the biggest medium to educate and empower, we usually see newspaper articles, TV shows, debates, movies and much more talking about women issues. Street shows and Dramas was an indigenous thing Indians adored and then came technological wind which nearly eradicated the charm of Dramas, but there are few small groups still holding on to Nukkad Natak (Street corner drama). Viddroh, is one such group.

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Dear Woman, It Is ‘OK’ To Say ‘NO’!
say no

Just recollect your childhood memories when toys were real characters for you, butterflies were your friends and rolling on grass was real fun. You were malleable but strong! You questioned with curiosity with those beautiful sparks in your eyes and also readily showed your discontent without any hesitation if you did not like anything. So, what happened to you when you grew up? Why did you stop questioning? Why you said ‘YES’ when you did not like certain thing done in a certain manner? Why you said ‘YES’ when deep down you knew that your self-respect is at stake?

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What’s Your Mother Language – Indian??
International Mother Language Day - 3

Language is the mode of verbal action that conveys our thoughts and feelings, the world today celebrates the international language day, what does India celebrate? Which is our national language? Hindi, which is adapted by majority or English, which people think everyone should know? Oh wait, should we celebrate an international language day for 22 other official languages and thousands of others which are not official?

Isn’t this is something to be proud of? The only country pampering four major religions and the rituals, customs, traditions following it. A country where you will find people of varied race and ethnicity in every city you travel.

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Rings And Bands – Propose Your Love On Valentine’s Day!
valentine band

Platinum, Gold & Silver & hundreds of designs in each of them! So, how do you choose the perfect metal for your love on Valentine’s Day or the right wedding bands for your D-Day? Here we have compiled a comparative list of features of the different precious metals to help you choose rightly.

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