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Tata Play: Where Live TV Meets OTT Platforms

Let’s begin with a hypothetical situation. You have come back from work and finally got some me-time at the end of a tiring day. Will you turn on your set top box to watch the television? Or, will you stream content on your favourite OTT platform? It’s a tough choice, isn’t it?

The Indian audience has now begun to embrace OTT content. Every day, more and more people are taking subscriptions to various OTT platforms to watch their favourite shows and movies. The pandemic can be attributed to some extent to the popularity of OTT platforms. As people were home bound and cinema halls remained closed for months, viewers turned to the streaming platforms for content.

Having said that, the rise of OTT platforms did not affect the popularity of mainstream television. Television still remains one of the biggest forms of entertainment in India.

How Tata Play Embraced the Emergence of OTT

So, to offer the best of both worlds, Tata Sky has rebranded itself as Tata Play, and is offering exclusive content options for both the traditional TV audience and OTT lovers. While television still remains popular, Indians are also demanding OTT content. So, the leading DTH service provider of India decided to provide both types of content under a single roof.

Now, you get subscriptions to OTT streaming platforms when you take a Tata Play Binge+ set top box. WIth a  new name and identity as part of its rebranding strategy, the company aims to provide the best TV-watching experience to its subscribers. Tata Play subscribers can now get the best of both worlds by simultaneously flipping between live channels and OTT content.

Tata Play Recharge Packs to Double the Entertainment

Tata Play has announced a wide number of new recharge packs for the audience. The affordable DTH packs ensure that customers have an unlimited dose of entertainment. Apart from the regular channel packs, you can also recharge with the special packs to get access to OTT platforms. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • You will have to subscribe to the Tata Play Binge Combos to watch both live TV and OTT entertainment on your television screen. The combo packs include 12 streaming platforms under one single recharge.
  • Some of the standard entertainment apps you can get access to with Tata Play plans include Zee5, Voot Select, Eros Now, Amazon Prime Video, and others. Apart from the streaming platforms, you also get access to both HD and SD channels.
  • Netflix and chill: Tata Play also offers access to Netflix, one of the most-loved streaming platforms in India with a wide range of content. The Tata Play Binge Combo packs with Netflix also includes 12 entertainment apps and numerous HD and SD channels.
  • The lowest price you need to pay for access to OTT, as well as live TV, is Rs 399 per month. The other DTH plans are priced at different ranges depending on the number of channels and whether you want SD channels or HD channels. You can log in to these from as many as three devices at the same time.

Take Your Subscription Today

If you still don’t have a Tata Play set top box, take it today. Get ready to watch a wide variety of content on your television screen. The high-resolution picture and stunning sound quality of the set top boxes enhances the TV viewing experience. Choose a recharge plan according to your choice and enjoy the best entertainment on your TV.    


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