Gender equality at work after COVID-19
gender equality

There has been a significant change in work dynamics, due to Covid. Know its impact on Gender discrepancies.

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Psychological Impact of isolation and uncertainty in times of COVID in Geriatric population.
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Most people don’t try to solve their problems with new gadgets and immediately seek out their children or grand-children

Dr Jyoti Kapoor is a well renowned  Psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience in multiple subsidiaries of Psychology & Counseling.
Woman’s Predicament during Covid-19
Woman in Covid
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Leaders must find a way to include women in response and recovery decision-making.

Deval Dave Joshi, the front face of "Deval the coach - training and consulting firm, Vadodara, herself is behavioural trainer, certified counsellor, social activist and columnist.  
5 Precautions Every Business Owner Can Take to Protect Their Team
Protect team

Across the world, governments have made the call to shut down businesses in the pursuit of public safety

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Tips To Virtually Hang Out With Friends
Hang out

Even as we hope to see the pandemic come to an end soon, we can still take some steps to enjoy our social lives.

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