Make Your Small Space Attractive by These 6 Ideas
Smart Small Space

Apartments have become really small, barely fitting in a bedroom and a kitchen and thus tend to have a very cramped and congested atmosphere. On top of that, despite the lack of space, there seems to be no end to furniture and other goods. However, there are some tips and tricks that can be followed to make a small room appear bigger and more spacious.

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Out of the Apartment: What You’ll Need After Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home is an exciting time in your life. You are officially entering the housing market, you can make all the changes you like and you can finally call a home your home.

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Traditional Vs Contemporary Smart Kitchens – Which Is Your Choice?
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Kitchen is the place where magic happens as the groceries go in and what comes out is delicious food which is eaten by an entire family or a single person residing in a house. This in itself is reason enough for the kitchen to be the most important part of the house. The kitchen is where you go to when you don’t want to compromise on the health of you and your family. Thus a clean, well-maintained kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also beneficial to your overall well-being.

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Green Balcony Is, The Thing Today!
Green Balcony

Balcony gardening is the easiest way to bring nature into your living spaces, offering endless beautiful sights and delights. Every season brings with it a gush of color, with leaves and flowers. From the parched brown twigs of winter to the scorching colored flowers of summer – your balcony garden will never cease to amaze you. Gentle flowers, fresh herbs, oxygenated air, chirping birds and humming bees, cool breeze, sound of rustling leaves, fresh vegetables and sweet fruits are some of the delights of balcony gardening.

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5 Amazing Bedroom Loft Ideas for Kids!
Kids loft ideas

A typical couple usually starts with a home that’s just enough to accommodate them, without realizing that eventually, they will be needing a much bigger space for children. If you have kids of your own, having a small home may cause you to feel too crowded. However, turning a loft into a child’s bedroom can be a practical, space-saving idea.

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5 Tips for Creating an Elegant Yet Creative Child’s Room

Sophisticated and elegant bedrooms don’t have to be vanilla. They don’t have to be stuffy, overdone, or expensive. There are many ways to add flair and creativity to sophistication and elegance to your child’s room. Here are 5 tips to help you.

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7 Tips That Make Your Flowers Last Longer!!

Their sweet scent… the beautiful colors, the positivity they spread around, all make flowers a very important part of Home Decor! Having flowers in the house or your office, adds a refreshing beauty to its ambience. But, the only thing that bothers us when buying flowers is how quick they perish. A day or two… and then you have to replace them with fresh ones. This is where you need these excellent tips to make your flowers last way longer than they usually do.

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5 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Mom’s Old Sarees!
cushion saree
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We all love our sarees and make sure to preserve them for years to come. Some are expensive and some have huge sentimental values attached to them. But when such sarees become old, lose out their natural sheen or when the embroidery starts coming off, what do we do, just give them away? Doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it?
Well, it’s a good thing to donate your old clothes but with some, you just can’t part ways. So, keep those rich and precious sarees close to yourself by just changing its form.

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How To Care Your Bedsheets For A Longer Life?
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After investing a considerable amount of time, money and efforts on buying a set of perfect linen, a lot of times we think our responsibility ends. But that’s not true. One needs to wash and iron bed sheets, bedcovers, comforters, pillows and throws, properly and regularly so that a fresh look is maintained. This article is all about educating the readers some do’s and don’ts of looking after your linen.

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5 Ideas To Make Diwali Candles @ Home!
diy candles
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Diwali is a festival of lights. We all love lighting up our houses and bringing in health, wealth and prosperity. How about if this time, we gave candles a different life. We welcome the festive season with a twist, all at a minimal cost. I usually love these little DIY projects that is easy to undertake with some great results.

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Tips To A Well-Dressed Bed – Enjoying A Luxury Bed At Home!
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I am a hotel junkie. And while I was growing up, my interest in how my room looks was little. But, as I grew older and of course as I started my career in textiles, I more and more disliked the sloppy sleeping quarters. It gives me immense comfort to come to a perfectly made bed at the end of the day.

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What’s New In The Urban Interior Design Industry?
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Giving your home a new look with simple interior design concepts is an art, an art that is constantly evolving. You will see newer concepts, newer ideas and thoughts that can add magic to your abode. One such concept is that of the Scandinavian designs.

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5 Creative Home Decor ideas You Will Love!
home decor
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Décor should be such that one can often change it. It is a human tendency to look for change continuously and if the décor is simple, it can be garbed up to become trendy and sometimes even fun.

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4 Creative Home Interior Tips To Set The Monsoon Mood!!
monsoon home interior
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Monsoon is a season of joy. A lot of our emotions are evoked with the onset of rains — The thunderous clouds, the smell of fresh wet earth, the joy of walking while it drizzles… This is also the time when we start thinking new and afresh both personally and for our spaces.

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Interior Secrets – Colors That Add Life To Your Room
home decor

Colors do add a spark to our life and our surroundings. Have you ever felt relaxed sitting in a dark room or felt at peace when in a room with dark walls surrounding you? Perhaps not! Dark colors, although look stylish on the walls, they fail to add energy and life to your already drained lifestyle. This is one reason why you need to consider choosing bright color hues that reflect your personality and hike your mood.

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10 Essential Kitchen Vastu Tips
vastu tips for kitchen

Kitchen is considered to be a very important part of the house. The health and well being of a family completely relies upon one’s kitchen which further depends upon the location and other necessary factors that falls under Vastu Shashtra.

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The Plethora Uses Of A Garden Room
garden room

Many experienced home owners now look for ways to protect their garden room furniture, while others want a room that opens up a very different dimension to family life. At first glance, a garden room means more space or a comfortable room interfacing with the outdoors.

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7 Home Decor Tips For A Romantic Ambiance
romantic home decor

Usually a man is in a different mood, when he returns from work, he is relaxed and all smiles for his wife! But, today the distractions are many. Probably a match or news broadcast on the TV has drawn his attention. If the scenario does not change in a day or two, then you have to do something about it.

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