5 Tips To Fall In Love With Your Husband All Over Again!

Marriage, pregnancy and kids, these experiences are overwhelming and nothing could come in comparison. Life becomes all about caring for each other, responsibilities, work, kids and of course love is still alive between you too but it has gone to the mellow side, which isn’t bad but a little spice is required in a relationship!

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15 Signs About That Prove He Is Your Mr. Right!
Signs Mr. Right

Love is beautiful, benevolent, a blossom and blind! We all have heard many such adjectives to define love, which is complicated in the modern world. As people are getting more practical these days, it is difficult for one to choose the Right partner for life. Yes, you may spend some unforgettable memories with your boyfriend but how can you make sure he is the one? How will you realize that he deserves to be the only man in your life?

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A Heart Touching Love Story: Who Says Lovers Parted, Cannot Be Friends?
Love Story - Cover

He calls her Khushi, his love towards her is crystal like water. Their love story is just like something we have already heard but there’s a sad and a good conclusion. Their first meeting was facilitated by parents from both the sides, “Bhai baat-vaat karlo, dekh lo kaise hai, phir aage baat karte hai.” “Dekho beti, ladka accha hai, baat karke check karlo, phir tum India vapas aaogi tab baat chala lenge.” And that’s how it had began only to be parted ways, heads down to the celestial game played by various flaws in the Kundalis.

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I Married My Sperm Donor, The Man I Traced For Miles!
IVF love

Like us, every woman has a dream to meet the perfect man but not everyone gets the privilege to live the same. Likewise, Aminah Hart has a story of heartbreak and of tragedies, that furled her children to heaven, succumbed to bad health. She was all tired being single and memories of her kids kept her upset, until one day she decided to become a mother again in 2014, through IVF!

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Funny And Amazing Sex Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!
Funny Sex facts by Women Planet

Sex! Everyone talks about it and loves it practically, no matter how much they hide or are blunt at. Out of million ways to talk/ share/ read/ write about this subject, one is still unknown to the basic facts related to sex! Once, at least once, everyone should know these facts related to sex as who wouldn’t love to increase their knowledge?

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Ladies And SEX! Reasons Why You Should Dominate In Bed!
Ladies and sex - 4

Bedroom secrets!! Dominance and Submission!! Sex is all fun no matter who leads it, but when it comes to enjoying it to the most, you need to understand this simple mind game. Just how many times did you feel close to your orgasm and you see your man leak into you, without taking you over the edge? How many times did you want him to give you an oral, but he would just stick to missionary style? Well, it’s funny to know that there are a number of advantages and I mean serious advantages when you lead the game of SEX with your partner.

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Small Gestures That Define Love In A Relationship!
Love Gestures - 3

I can write books describing ‘Love’, can speak about the same for hours together.. it’s endless we all know for that matter. People spend millions around the world to showcase their love for partners, but trust me it’s not always money or things bought from money. Small gestures and expressions filled with affection are far away better than those temporary expensive gifts.

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From India To Sweden – Love Across Boundaries!
An Indian Love Story - 1

A poor guy meets a rich girl. They fall in love. Girl goes back to her country. Boy promises to make it big and visit her. Time passes but he struggles to make both ends meet. He decides to fulfill his promise – picks up a cycle and sets on a journey across 8 countries to meet the love of his life!

No, this isn’t the story of an upcoming Bollywood movie. Although it pretty much qualifies to be one! This is the story of Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia from India and Charlotte Von Schedvin from Sweden and it has all the elements of a Bollywood blockbuster – emotion, drama and lots of love.

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A Perfect Dress, A Li’l Makeup And A Date To Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day!
valentines day
From the Expert

Valentines day is around the corner and I am sure you must be thinking of a smoking hot look to go with your sexy dress to go out on a date or with friends. So here are some quick tips that are easy enough to do at home and will keep you apart from the rest.

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A Valentine Surprise, She Will Never Forget!
Valentine Story - 2

Since days I have been telling my heart, “It’s going to be unique this Valentine.” but it says, “Nah, mark my words it will be the same usual things you guys did for years, a candle night dinner with the family followed by a movie.”

It’s 13th February, I am back from work, waiting for him and a could be surprise. In few minutes he arrives, with some tensions enfolded with him. We had dinner together, spoke about regular family-office stuff while I also kept my ears sharp and to be quick to react upon his Valentine plans but he did something unexpected. He came close to me, raised my chin and kissed me. “Happy Kiss Day Sweetheart” I smiled and kissed him back.

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Look Simple… Look Gorgeous This Valentine’s Day!
From the Expert

Soon it will be the day for us to celebrate “Love”, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It`s a perfect day to love ourselves more than anything and anyone else. Hence let us look our best and love ourselves a little bit more. Nothing makes us feel better than using our favorite makeup and looking our best.

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Sex With Benefits, Try New Positions To Spice Up Your Nights! 
Sex positions Cover

While reading magazine articles, online blogs we often have read about spicing up the sex life to ignite the gone chemistry between the two.
What do they do? Change the blankets to some smoking hot red one’s, lighting romantic candles, planning an hour long bath together filled with aroma or everything I mentioned and adding to them are various sex positions which might be new to many? That’s an incredible idea!

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Ladies, Ask These Questions To Play Naughty With Your Man!
Ask Your Man - Final Cover

Aren’t you bored talking.. ‘Things to do to for a great relationship!, He is your perfect partner, if he does this!, Story of a married bride.. bla bla bla! How about you play a game with your bae tonight? Uff, put that piece of a cloth aside.. I am not asking you to play hide and seek but Naughty Question Answer!

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Having Orgasm During Sex A Difficult Task? Ask Your Partner To Do This!
Women Orgasm - Cover

Orgasm is not impossible, it is very much possible with the right move. It completely depends on the sort of stimulation involved, a sexual communication with the partner and also how passionate is your love session. Ask your partner to find a G-spot in your body and reach orgasm before he opt’s the main course.

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My Gynecologist – My Best Friend!
gynaec friend

A Gynaec visit… What are you pregnant?? Tell any of your friends about your gynaec appointment, and I am sure this is exactly the question they will ask you without sparring a thought. But, common ladies…it’s time we grow out of the shell and think wisely about our health. There can be several reasons why you need to visit your gynaec. And visiting him/ her doesn’t imply that you are prego or have menstrual issues.

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Sexting – Do You Know About This Latest Trend?

Text + Sex – Sexting, the current trend is what people in India would not talk much about. Agreeing to the fact that it is becoming more and more popular, we had to do a basic research and this is what we it revealed.

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Do You Think Women Should Carry A Condom?
Carry Condom - 2

Ok, to the point, what if you surrender your Virginity to the love of your life, alone in a romantic ambience, a moment you might not have planned or expected? Getting knocked, when you least expect it can be a really upsetting situation OR What about the fear of contracting an STD? Isn’t it ideal to use a protection, a condom?

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Can Oral Sex Be Fun And Hygienic?
oral sex

SEX – A Three letter word that can make the entire world dance to its heat! Time and again we have been talking about sex, How can you make your partner enjoy it more or How to last longer in bed. But, not once will you find people talking about oral sex and how it can take you to the seventh heaven alone! Yes… ask your partner about oral sex, and they might just smirk at you with a completely baffled look plastered on their face.

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