I Miss You Daddy – Wishing You a Very Happy Father’s Day!
Father's Day

All my feelings were still inside me, wanting to come out and have a talk with him. I wanted to thank him for all the tough love, comfort, discipline, lessons, and everything that he had done for me so far. I wanted to have a heart to heart conversation with him but that time never came. I wanted to thank him for the care he had given me by sacrificing his own comfort. But all of it now just remains in the heart, as does he. Whilst looking for a right time to have a talk, cancer took the charge and I lost.

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A Mothers Role In Her Child’s Education
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Valued Educators Mothers play the most fundamental role of an educator in a child’s early life. They continue to be the heart of the child’s education right from their childhood to their growing up years. Mothers Impart and Determine Valued Life Tools for their Children Education is all-inclusive of learning how to respond to situations

Abandonment – Leaving Behind Parents to Live and Die on Their Own!
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My parents mean the world to me, and while I have been married for fifteen years, and have seen my parents transform from spirited adults who were always there for my brother and me, always encouraging us to explore and learn more, even agreeing to send us far away from home to becoming more emotional about us not spending enough time with them as we chase our dreams and make the best of our 40’s.

Seeing His Son Smile Was His Biggest Diwali Gift!
Diwali Gift

Do you remember the reason behind all the beautiful memories that you have? Who really were the people who gave you moments worth living for a lifetime? Yes, you got it right, your parents.

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Time To Laugh Out Harder: Mom and Dad’s Parenting Differences!

While it comes to raising babies Dads & Moms are poles apart! We always knew Men are like mars and Women are like Venus, but somewhere deep down inside we women always believed that the things will change once we have a baby and our man becomes that adorable father figure that we have grown up looking up to! Well Well, Reality Check! Things don’t work that way! Looking at our husbands, If we are wondering how our ideal Dads got so much adulation from us despite all the differences of opinions, we should ask our Moms about it, they can tell better! But on that later, Today I am about to tell you 10 Hilarious ways how Dads raise kids differently than Mommies.

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Be A Child With Your Children And Experience A Fun Parenting!
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When you watch a pampers advertisement or a baby Johnson commercial, those chubby cheeks, giggly faces and angelic looks make you feel like there is no other bliss beyond being a parent. Yes, parents’ days can be filled with joy and rapture but research shows that a lot of parents feel overwhelmed, frustrated, helpless and angry when parenting becomes nothing but a mere scheduled job. If you are one of those parents who is feeling melancholic, there is some good news for you: You are not alone and you can change the way you feel, to make those dreadful moments more fulfilling and fun.

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5 Genius Breastfeeding Accessories For A Healthy Baby And Mother!
World Breastfeeding Week 2016 - Women Planet

This week we are marking the WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2016, which is unquestionably important to the living kind. In order to spread the awareness of breastfeeding, the world is united to exchange knowledge spread across the vast globe, and so Women Planet is also doing its bit. Breastfeeding is natural, though it is highly considered sexual let’s not forget it feeds the human babies and it’s not an easy task. The child may latch the breast as a trained master to suck the milk, but it is not all goody goody feeling to the new mother. She’s a new mother, she might be not aware of how things work and thus she needs someone elder to guide and if not then she needs genius Breastfeeding accessories which can reduce the challenges.

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Pregnant? A Simple And Complete Diet For You And Your Baby!
Health and unhealthy foods in front of pregnant Japanese woman
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Pregnancy, a time where a complete balanced nutrition plays a key role in maintaining the mothers and the baby’s’ health!! One must be well aware of the kind of foods to be included for a perfect growth of the baby. Let’s have a look at the different food groups that are a “MUST” during this crucial time…

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Parenting – Are You Spending Quality Time With Your Kids?
family time
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Five year old Rohit walked around his classroom, aimlessly intimidating his younger friends, kicking them randomly for no reason and playfully smacking their backs. When confronted by his teacher, Rohit said “ I thought that’s O.K. as my dad always smacks me when we are together.” Here you have the case of an innocent five year old who has socially learned that it is ‘harmless’ to physically abuse others. The time spent with his dad left a detrimental impact which is very challenging to ‘unlearn’. It is a well established fact that how parents spend time with their children has an unfathomable impact on their holistic development.

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I Married My Sperm Donor, The Man I Traced For Miles!
IVF love

Like us, every woman has a dream to meet the perfect man but not everyone gets the privilege to live the same. Likewise, Aminah Hart has a story of heartbreak and of tragedies, that furled her children to heaven, succumbed to bad health. She was all tired being single and memories of her kids kept her upset, until one day she decided to become a mother again in 2014, through IVF!

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5 Things I Learnt From Chanda Kochhar’s Letter To Her Daughter!

The world knows her as a Padma Bhushan awardee, a top notch business woman but what we couldn’t gather till now was that, along with acing the world of banking sector, Chanda Kochhar, ICICI Bank Managing Director and CEO is also a great mother! On the corporate front, most of the women have her as their dream business mentor, but now she teaches us about life and parenting! And believe it is not something to skip, every mother, daughter or for that matter every parent and child should read her letter once to the life’s real essence put down neatly with her real life examples.

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7 Ways You Can Teach Gender Equality To Your Kids

We all are aware that the world is fighting Gender Equality spread across varied fields and is necessary for the welfare of society. But, isn’t debating on this topic, abusing people who do not respect equality or joining an organisation to fight for one, are latter steps one has to follow? To bring a change we need to work from basics: Change has to begin from home! And, who else but parents can do it better? Thus, we need to teach our kids, the importance of Gender Equality who are the future of the world.

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New Mommy Diaries: What My Baby Taught Me!
baby and me

As a to-be parent, I had lots of ideas and thoughts about how I want to raise my kid, what I want to teach him/ her, what qualities I want my baby to imbibe and so on. It seems however, that the tables have turned completely post motherhood – and my 9 month old daughter is teaching me some amazing life lessons.

Here’s what she has taught me so far:

Widow At A Young Age – Mukta Sorathiya And Her Depressive Days!

Born and brought up in the cultural city of Vadodara, it was like a dream to get married to the love of my life, despite the little struggles. My husband was a party animal and he loved taking me along to all his booze parties. As a loving and caring wife, I would tell him to drink less and each time his friends would come and drop him till our bed room. I would constantly make him understand about his responsibilities, his health and that he was now father to our young daughter. But sadly, he just turn a deaf ear to all my concerns.

One day something unusual happened. It gave me chills.

On the 15th January Uttrayan 2016 evening 9.30 p.m, I received a call from one of his friends. He was Dead.

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8 Habits That Kill Your Man’s Sperm Count!
sperm count

I know, I know I am married since 4 years and haven’t yet given ‘The Good News’, but just stop dragging me to doctors every monthly anniversaries, though I come out all fit. Blame it to the Indian Society or the Indian mentality! The moment people realise it’s been a couple of years and you haven’t welcomed a bun in the oven, it’s all your fault. You know what I tell these people? “It can’t be women always! There’s something called ‘Sperm’ responsible to make you pregnant, if the sperm count is less, the chances of fertility narrows!”

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Dear Maa, I Love You – A Letter From A Daughter!
Dear Mother - 2

It’s been few weeks, I am married and trust me you are being missed, big time! There’s no one else in the entire world, who can make a space in my post marriage memories, but you, not that I am not happy.. I am very happy with my husband and his family, which is mine now! But mumma, it’s you.. Nothing can be compared with you!

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How To Be A Better Mom?

Being a mother is the desire of every woman. Once she becomes a mom the child becomes the centre of her thoughts and actions. If the kid is just a baby, stroking and cuddling the baby would be more of a concern.
The actual work starts later when the baby grows up a little. The mother is now worried about whether she is bringing him/her the right way, Inculcating appropriate dos and don’ts in a right manner. Children have questions in their mind about many issues concerning the surroundings, getting adjusted with others at home and outside. How to answer the questions in an understandable way without getting irritated is the mother’s issue.

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Main Aur Maa – A Video Depicting The Purest Bond!
Main Aur Maa - Purest Mother-Daughter bond

For a Daughter, her mother is the sole person existing who can understand – What it’s to be a daughter, a sister, a wife and most importantly what it is to be a mother without even having uttering a single word. This video depicts the purest bond between a daughter and a mother which nothing in this world can replace.

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