Not So Good Things That Your Child May Have Imbibed Just From You
Parental Pressure
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As parents, we become immediate role models for the little ones we nurture as soon as they come into our family. Unfortunately, we are not powered with degrees in hand to raise these little ones and using a combination of information – from experiences of the elders, our peer group and what’s available by way of information today on social media, we manage to fulfill our duties and responsibilities.

15 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Happily Home During Quarantine
Activities For Children During Corona Crisis

While you have suggested these creative and amazing activities to keep your children entertained at home, its always a great idea to be involved with them. Take turns if needed as it would just enhance the fun with lots of learning. Be home and be safe.

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What is Edutainment?
Digital Learning
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The nature of entertainment has changed drastically and dramatically in the past two decades given the exponential technological growth. Thirty years ago, we spoke about the internet as “worldwideweb” without any access to it (we did not have one computer per child, simply used the blackboard learning to answer exam questions about ROM and RAM).

Appetite Slump In Toddlers
eating food
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As a mother, you are constantly worried about your child’s health and well-being. One of the most common anxieties that parents face is when your toddler seems to turn away pretty much everything that you serve on the plate for him.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Preschool For Your Little One
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Choosing the right preschool is very important as the early years create a lasting impact in the child’s life. Preschools are a special place for children, outside of home, that provide them with a foundation for literacy, social interactions and establish their initial relationship with learning.

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Benefits Of Sports Training Outside With Your Kid
outdoor training

Since the umbilical cord was severed, does it mean the connection was totally lost? Well, that was just the beginning of the disconnection you will experience with your kids till they move out of the house and go start their own. But there always remains that invisible union that only a parent can have with a kid – more so if the intimacy is present. It never dies even after death does them part.

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The Significance of Experiential Learning in Early Childhood Education
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Imagine that you wanted to learn how to make creamy mushroom soup. You are more likely to master the soup making if you actually try out the recipe as compared to simply watching someone make it on a cooking show! Research suggests that children too best learn through positive interactions and experiences.

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Grades Simply Cannot Define Every Child’s Success
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As 22nd-century education discussions progress, there is increasing awareness for students being nurtured to be life-ready and not simply acing the examinations that define their learning story in schools or universities. This is particularly true in the current economic scenario that these students find themselves battling with when graduating from colleges/universities – the markets are competitive, job opportunities limited with increasing automation and businesses that are letting people go simply because they cannot sustain the journey anymore and losses pile up.

Keeping Babies Safe During A Newborn Photoshoot!!
Sweet newborn baby girl with headband sleeps on small wooden crib.

As parents, you would want to have memories of your children during their first days, weeks, or months. Photographs are one of the most standard ways to capture your child’s first precious moments, but are newborn photoshoots safe?

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10 Necessary Things to Never Forget on the First Road Trip with Your Baby
travel with baby

Do not forget to pack some toys and a pacifier, remember to carry disinfecting wipes and warm water. Do not forget the necessary medication and last but not least, do carry parent identification proof. Happy first journey!!

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Life Skills- Can This Mantra Aid Your Child In Fostering A Better Tomorrow?
Life Skills
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So what are these life skills we refer to? Not rocket science really, just basic skills that help an individual cope with situations at large and it is incredible how some of the most basic tasks or skills, sometimes are different to embrace. From relationship management to communication, from collaboration to conflict resolution from time management to project management, from personal and professional goal setting to being disciplined, how many adults can claim that they have achieved this to satisfaction.

Aiding Your Child To Recover From An Eating Disorder
Eating Disorder
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When your baby is identified with an eating disorder like anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), guardians sometimes find it difficult since there is no immediate fix to treat these disorders. In such cases taking proper care of and supporting your child suffering with an eating disorder can be perplexing and scary for parents. Families involved in helping their child overcome the eating disorder may struggle with a sense of vulnerability and frustration when incapable to speedily reinstate their child’s health.

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Teaching Your Child The Importance of Life
Teaching Importance of Life
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Being a parent to a 21st century child comes with its share of opportunities and of course, challenges. For example, we never thought that one of the worst fears we would face as adults is the presence of the “blue whale” in our world!

Why Is It Ok.. For My Kid To Get Average Marks?
Average Marks
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Our children need to be street smart, educated, knowledgeable because that makes them responsible for crafting their careers. High marks do not highlight the success of your kids.

Importance of Self-motivation
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Was a very interesting comment made by a parent this morning, “I wish my child would be motivated to complete any-thing taken up without us coaxing and cajoling. She just does not seem to realise the importance of self-motivation, her attitude is, if not this, something else – why bother?!”

Pregnant? Make Sure You Have These Newborn Essentials!
Newborn Essentials

So, you’ve embarked on the magical journey of motherhood? A big and hearty congratulations!This is one of the most exciting and awaited moments for first-time parents. And as the due date comes closer, your planning for the newborn accelerates. Like every other parent, you too would love to purchase essentials before the baby is born. This helps in being prepared for the arrival of your little one.

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Raising an OCD Child – How Different is it?
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Have you as a parent or a guardian ever happen to witness in your child a series of repetitive behaviour patterns or some sort of strong obsessions and unwanted anxiety? Does your child happen to be extremely slow while dressing up or completing homework?

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Active Parenting: Family-Friendly Activities That Will Get the Heart Racing
family adventure

These days parents need to be diligent about getting their children away from screens and outdoors. And often it starts with the parent having to do the same thing, and put their phone down.

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