How Your Dwelling Place Can Affect the Upbringing of Your Kids?
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Gateway Green Apartments in Forest Lake suggest few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a place to settle down from parents perspective.

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Green Balcony Is, The Thing Today!
Green Balcony

Balcony gardening is the easiest way to bring nature into your living spaces, offering endless beautiful sights and delights. Every season brings with it a gush of color, with leaves and flowers. From the parched brown twigs of winter to the scorching colored flowers of summer – your balcony garden will never cease to amaze you. Gentle flowers, fresh herbs, oxygenated air, chirping birds and humming bees, cool breeze, sound of rustling leaves, fresh vegetables and sweet fruits are some of the delights of balcony gardening.

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6 Green Gardening Habits to Please Mother Nature

When you’re lucky enough to live in a country like Australia, where wildlife is very much in abundance, it’s not so difficult to open up your world and let it in. Most homeowners have a garden, even if it’s on the small side, and it represents a great opportunity to get up close and personal

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Women, The First Change Makers For An Eco-Friendly Environment!
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Environment, the place we live in, is itself becoming a depleting resource any living being has on this planet. Growing population, super technology and animal species extinctions are landing us in a dangerous or I should lethal problem! What are we doing? Governments, Organisations, schools etc are taking tiny steps to educate, prevent and to use biodegradable routine things in order to sustain the mega global warming monster, but are these enough opposite the giant pollution that we humans have created?

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Go Green And Stay Cool This Summer, At Your Home!
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We all have to accept that Humans are the sole responsible reason of Global Warming or changing climatic conditions we now and then get to face. Collectively we all have to do a lot of things to pay off the damage and we have to begin from somewhere! And what could be more better than starting it from our own house?

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Do Funerals Cause Environmental Imbalance?
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Death is uncertain but funerals can be DAMAGING!

With the death of a dear one, a void space is left back in our hearts. We grief, we shed tears and then bid farewell to the loved one with a proper funeral. But, have you ever thought how much our Environment suffers with the death of every individual on this planet? With every death, our dear environment pays its price.

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Glory in a Rain Garden

We don’t know the future of global warming trends or how exactly it will affect our environments. But we certainly see the effects of water pollution, and with less than 1 percent of the world’s freshwater readily accessible, these days we dare not waste a drop.

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How to Create Your Own Kitchen Garden
organic vegetables

Are you tired of vegetables rates touching the skies? Why not grow your own vegetable at your home. Let Upaj Urban Farming help you create your own kitchen garden.

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Monsoon Magic In Your Garden
monsoon garden

Monsoon brings about a magical transformation to your garden babies. It’s the best time of the year to see your plants soak in moisture, bloom faster and also make new additions to your garden.

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Bottle Garden – Make Your Home Eco-friendly
bottle garden

Create a mini garden right in your house by using a soda bottle. This is the perfect way for growing small, shallow-rooted plants in your house.

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What Are GMOs? – By Upaj
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GMOs are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals.

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Transformation Textiles – Taking Women Hygiene To a New Level

A great initiative is taken by Transformation Textile to enhance women Hygiene and provide all basic requirements to women all across the world.

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Basics of Small Space Organic Vegetable Gardening – By Upaj
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A small space vegetable garden may not be enough to substitute farming. You need some more basic needs of the vegetables to make them grow perfectly!

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Save the Planet With Home Based Composting Ideas

Composting is a simple process which can be made much easier by knowing about it in detail. Follow some easy steps and make composting extremely simple!

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A Beautiful FengShui Garden For a Pleasant Life
FengShui Garden

Growing your own FengShui garden will help you gain more positive energy and helps for a better and more pleasant life.

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Go Green This Diwali With Upaj!
terrace garden
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Go Green this season with Upaj, the new generation plant nursery. Grow edible gardens in your terrace and gardens to enjoy poison (pesticide) free vegetables and herbs.

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Landscape Your Terrace with Beautiful Roof Gardens
Small terrace garden design

Roof gardens are the need of the hour. They not only help to enhance the aesthetics but also help in preserving nature in small ways.

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Simple tips on how to go green
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The future generation will live in a nicer world. They will not only grow in an eco friendly atmosphere, but also in an economically prosperous country.

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