How to Distract Yourself When you’re Going through a Bad Breakup?

Needless to say, breakups are hard and they can bring out the worst in people. The saying “You don’t know anyone until you break up with them!”, exists for a good reason. Chances are that on top of your feeling of heartbreak, guilt, and grief you might be trying to find out what is he/she doing, are they plotting revenge against you, or are they as miserable as you are?

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7 Ways to Surprise Your Man on Valentine’s Day
valentines day

Valentine’s Day is just on the horizon, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to surprise your man! Here are 7 great ways to plant a smile on his face for Valentine’s Day. These ideas range from schmaltzy to not-so-much.

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Shy Is the New Sexy: 7 Dating Tips for Introverted Women
dating tips for women

If you’re truly an introverted woman, here are seven dating tips that can help you to navigate the dating scene, when you’re ready, of course.

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Safe Dating Tips for Women in 2019
online dating

Dating has its own highs and lows and that goes for the online dating scene as well. Many of you may think that looking for love in the internet is not exactly a good idea. After all, it’s hard to know whether what you have is something genuine if you can’t be with the person in real life.

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7 Ways to Have a Fun Weekend with Your Partner
happy couple

It doesn’t matter how far are you in your relationship, you can make your bond stronger by spending some quality time with your partner. In fact, one of the best tips for falling in love with your husband/boyfriend all over again is to just spend more time together.

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I’m Great: The Perks of Being Single
Single Woman

Yes, I enjoyed the company of a companion, but the loss of one didn’t stop my life or my fun, and it shouldn’t for you either. So let’s talk about it. We’re going to go through the many perks of being single, and once you really think about it, you’ll be able to see that it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be.

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7 Reasons Why: You Don’t Have A Match, Despite Being A Catch!
No Reason to Be Single

Yes Parineeti we can completely understand you. After being single for a while, you contemplate your life and try to understand the reasons on why you are still single, despite being the ultimate girl, any guy can ever have.

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Dating in Your 30s: What Changes and Why

If you didn’t get married and/or started a family and you are in your 30s now, the society might proclaim you being too old to dive into dating and relationships, which has nothing to do with reality. People all over the world start and end relationships after getting retired and it’s absolutely okay. If you

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So What If I Had Dated Three Guys Before, I Am Yet To Find My Perfect Match!
Free Woman

You are beautiful being you, you don’t need any explanations to prove yourself to the society but to know it yourself, this is real and is happening, if you are not comfortable, you shouldn’t chose it! Here’s a real life written by me, words are mine but the spirit isn’t, it’s her, Sakhi (Name Changed)!

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15 Signs About That Prove He Is Your Mr. Right!
Signs Mr. Right

Love is beautiful, benevolent, a blossom and blind! We all have heard many such adjectives to define love, which is complicated in the modern world. As people are getting more practical these days, it is difficult for one to choose the Right partner for life. Yes, you may spend some unforgettable memories with your boyfriend but how can you make sure he is the one? How will you realize that he deserves to be the only man in your life?

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The Single Girl!!
single girl

Every time anyone asks me this question I have no idea how to answer. So, I have a variety of reactions – from just a glaring stare to a “I don’t know” shrug to resting bitch face – which totally depends on who is asking me. If a cute guy asks this, I make some flirty comments. 😉
Technically, I have been a single for the last 5 years; it means that the last time I was in a committed relationship was a decade ago. In the last 5 years, I have had a couple of flings, one “what is this” kind of relationship (we both knew we liked each other but it never materialized into anything concrete) and even met two guys my parents had introduced to me as prospective-husband candidates.

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8 Ways To Overcome A Breakup Like A Lady!
Breakup overcome - cover

Breakups are heart wrenching, they are a phase of life which nobody would ever dream until they are badly stuck up with someone. Overcoming the break up is difficult for those who were genuinely involved with their partners but there’s one thing often woman keep forgetting – there are people who still love you unconditionally. You Love yourself! Don’t you? So, dear ladies, here are the ways which can act as soul healer!

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10 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Dating Geek Girls!
nerd feature

She wears glasses, reads books, is always well informed about the latest news and takes least interest in how men look at her.

There is something really intriguing about nerdy girls, every time you see one. Behind those glasses, are some of the most beautiful eyes which can look deep inside you, into your soul. But when it comes to guys and their girlfriends, most of us think of girls who give you updates of fashion, talk about the latest trends and have a shallow IQ. Yes, have you checked the IQ levels of the hot chics who spend more time working out on their body rather than their brains? It’s best if not discussed here.

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You Are Mine! 10 Tips To Avoid Being Possessive Of Your Partner

Love… Being in love is a great feeling! From hugging each other, kissing, holding hands and sometimes, never letting go of her/ his hand in public, it all feels great. Small but simple signs that show how much you love your partner! But, a wanton display of love, especially when surrounded by people is something that a couple needs to keep a check at. It is not love, it is possessiveness for your partner.

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Questionnaire – Answer To Know Your Relationship Better!

Love… Dates… Relations… And a Happy Ever after!! For a girl, life is more or less woven around her and her relation with her partner. The lucky ones get to eat the cake, while some have to taste the bitter side of the relation. Its however surprising to see that even educated and professionally successful women fall blindly in a relation, not thinking about its consequences.

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The Emotional Atyachar Of Online Dating Sites!!
online dating

Dating…I guess we are all familiar to this small word which holds a huge meaning in the hearts of youngsters, especially those who have partners. Over the years, the trend of dating has evolved from a simple casual meeting in a restaurant into online meetings, online dates, video chats and finally, either marriages or a disastrous breakup.

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9 Hints He Will Not Marry You!
9 Hints he will not marry you

With fast moving life, people do not want to invest time or effort in nurturing relationships. When two people are seeing each other for some time, marriage can be a possible outcome. However, it is not easy for everyone to get into a permanent relationship like marriage and thus, he or she shies away from this thought. Many couples avoid discussing marriage even after being in a long relationship.

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Women Expressions – How To Read Her Face?
face expressions

Is that her angry face? Oh no… I guess she is just tired! Should I ask her out? Is she troubled by something?

Understanding women by far is the most difficult thing. If only men knew to read a woman’s mind, a lot of those bedroom fights, ego clashes and difference in thoughts could have been resolved with ease.

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