Fashion Trends You Just Need to Wear in 2018
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The season changes and so does your fashion wardrobe! For women, choosing that perfect little dress for casual evenings with friends or a regular denim pant with a trendy top on it is not quite as simple as it seems!

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Try Different Trends And Fashion But Pair With Best Accessories For Special Appearance
Kurta For Men Feature

You might think that kurtas aren’t perfect for casual outings. However, if you wear a plain kurta with denim and loafer, it not only looks trendy but also keeps you light and comfortable. Plain cotton kurtas are perfect for summer, so it is just perfect for a place with humid weather.

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Tattoos From Around The World

Tattooing has a long history. A lot of ancient cultures and religions used inks for a variety of different reasons. Tattoos were something like signs (strength, devotion, rebirth, etc.), status symbols, cultural or religious beliefs, the rite of passages or even forms of punishment

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Top 10 Women’s Undercut Hairstyles

An undercut hairstyle is one of the major trends in 2017. People call it an extreme hairstyle because it features shaved or cut short sides with a longer crown. Besides, geometric designs may be added to the undercut. This ‘do is appropriate for short, medium and long hair and it adds extra edge to the

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5 Tips To Develop Your Fashion Style
Fashion Style

When you scroll down social media pages, you see that celebrities always look fancy. You also may look fabulous regardless your body type. The key point is to evaluate your clothes, find specific things and put an accent on them.

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Four Fabulous White Dresses to Brighten Up Your New Year’s Eve Party!

The question is, what will you wear? Here are four fabulous white dresses to brighten up your New Year’s Eve celebration. You can also find all of the happy dresses at this lovely online clothing boutique for women.

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Choose the Best Companion: Platinum vs Gold!
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Jewelry is special. One buys it with a lot of joy and excitement. Whether to buy Platinum or Gold jewelry always remains a confusion. We help you decide what is best suited for you by identifying the most important differences!

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5 Simple And Smart Shopping Tricks To Get Juicy Discounts Online!

Shopping online is a lot cheaper in general, and there are many reasons why. Nevertheless, you can still act super smart and make those prices get even lower. How? Below we share a list of five superb tips which will surely improve your shopping experience and let you save money on everything you wish to purchase on the web!

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Groom Your Appearance With New Anti-Aging Trends!
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As we start adding numbers, we start adding wrinkles, numerous health problems like PMS problems, menopause, andropause, sudden changes in sleeping pattern, getting wrinkles, brown spots on the skin, loss of skin elasticity, hair loss, changes in hair color, decreased memory, a loss or decrease in vision and hearing, changes in bowel function, decrease in libido, sexual dysfunction, urinary problems, changes in menstrual cycle, abdominal obesity or inability to lose weight. As the clock ticks its time we should pause and think – is it all worth it?

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Beautiful Nails In Minutes – Tips To Color Your Nails!
Nail polish tips cover

When it comes to looking beautiful in and out, girls try to follow almost everything they see, hear or have read about ‘how to be the beauty spot’. Be it skin, weight, makeup or fashion, they consider more or less everything, and applying a perfect nail polish is one amongst them! Yes, there are few simple tricks one has to master before using the nail polish.

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Summer Hairstyles That Give You The Diva Look!!
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2016 summer catwalk trends has seen the bold “Buzz Cut” back with a bang. It debuted at shows such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Versace and Lanvin. Another trend that was noticed was Pastel hues. Colors such as Silver Lilac, Baby Pink, Rose Gold, Cool Coral-toned rose gold ruled the catwalk. And me thinks combining the two would instantly turn you into a Rockstar.

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Nail Trends For Your Chic Spring Look!
spring fashion
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Hello Girls!! The weather is changing, getting a little warmer and just before its full summer, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful spring season. Honestly, I am bored of writing about makeup and beauty tips for a while so I’ve been thinking of writing something else. At the nails bar the other day, I noticed that the trend of getting nail extensions is fast catch up. The fact that I always have to call my favorite nail bar for an appointment each time I need a refill.

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5 Hot Summer Trends You Should Try!

Who said Summer meant only simple cotton wears and a hat for your style check? Yes, fashion is about your comfort but today, Fashion isn’t restricted to simple cotton clothes and a pair of colourful slippers. Right from Casual tops to party wears, Office wear to designer clothes, from chic pants to Accessories, Summer Fashion includes them all. And to enjoy the season with style, all you need to do is know the right Fashion trends for summer and choose what your heart wishes. The perfect combinations and you can don the perfect summer look with verve.

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10 Top Monsoon Fashion Essentials For You
monsoon fashion

Monsoon is here before you know it! As the cool breeze and drizzling rains replace the hot summers, the first thing you need is a wardrobe revamp. Swapping your sunscreens and summer dresses with umbrellas and rain coats is just not enough these days!

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How To Do Your Makeup For Summer Pool Parties?
summer pool makeup
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Scorching summer heat means Cold Summer Pool parties! And when its about parties, you have to look your best. This summer, look absolutely ravishing in your sexy summer dress or your bikini along with just the right type of makeup for a perfect Pool Party look.

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The New Nail Art Trend – Mirror Nails
mirror nail polish

Mirror nail polish happens to add a touch of class and haute couture to your nails. And it is super easy to apply. Just needs two coats to get full opacity and there you are flaunting them to claps and kisses.

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Quirky & Sizzling Mohawks Of Rihanna
rihanna feature

She has got an uncanny ability to experiment, whether it is her electrifying performance or her hot looks. She is a songstress who pulls off bobs and braids with effortless style. She is a fashion maverick who scores a point with her forest green lipstick to pink hair. She is the Pop Princess of Barbadian origin, Rihanna who has made everyone go crazy in a half-shaven and half-parted ‘Mohawk’ hairstyle.

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Trendspotting At the LFW 2015
Lakme Fashion Week

Fashion weeks come and go, but none of them are as style defining as LFW. With the increasing sense of style amongst the Indian Women, the Indian fashion scene has witnessed a major transition. Indian women are no more reluctant to try different silhouettes and designer apparels. The recently wrapped Lakme Fashion Week 2015 is India’s iconic fashion show that sets up the standards of fashion & Style for every woman.

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