When To Walk Away After Infidelity?
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Sometimes, it takes time to accept what you are already aware of.
A strong connection among two opposites of sex results in the development of a relationship with the sharing of robust emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, joy, trust, surprise and disgust. It gets stronger with time as they get married to tie themselves in a stronger relationship by both means i.e. emotionally and sexually.

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Benefits Of Infidelity Counseling – A Great Solution to Mend Your Broken Marriage!
Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity is widespread in the US. Research studies show that at least 20 percent of married Americans have participated in extramarital sexual affairs.

Several reasons people cheat include low self-esteem, depression, boredom, substance abuse, and resentment or revenge. The immediate disclosure of infidelity can cause mistrust and loss of self-confidence in your partner or worse; a divorce.

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Sexless Marriage or Divorce: When to Walk Away
sexless marriage

In many instances, people are left with questions regarding a sexless marriage or divorce. Many couples will hardly survive the ordeal. Quite often, it becomes an uphill battle to make one partner love sex once again. This could be caused by several reasons that are beyond human understanding.

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How to Save Your Relationship from Failing?
Failing Relations

Relationships are not difficult instead people are. People make things complicated by lying and cheating on their partners. But many relationships fail not because the people were wrong in it or they did a mistake but because none of the partner comes forward to put in the effort. Sometimes one of the partners needs to struggle to save their relationship, as at times the couple lost their focus on their relationship due to which issues arise.

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7 Ways to Have a Fun Weekend with Your Partner
happy couple

It doesn’t matter how far are you in your relationship, you can make your bond stronger by spending some quality time with your partner. In fact, one of the best tips for falling in love with your husband/boyfriend all over again is to just spend more time together.

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Life Skills- Can This Mantra Aid Your Child In Fostering A Better Tomorrow?
Life Skills
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So what are these life skills we refer to? Not rocket science really, just basic skills that help an individual cope with situations at large and it is incredible how some of the most basic tasks or skills, sometimes are different to embrace. From relationship management to communication, from collaboration to conflict resolution from time management to project management, from personal and professional goal setting to being disciplined, how many adults can claim that they have achieved this to satisfaction.

I am Divorced But not Broken!
Divorce But Not Broken

Today, After 4 years of my divorce, I am an Independent, Happy, Beautiful Single Mom, who still believes in the power of Love and Marriage. I wish for my son to Fall in love when he grows up, I wish for him to marry the woman he adores and I wish for him to stay Loyal in his marriage, unlike his Father.

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Understanding The New Age Mother-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law Relationships
Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law
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The Mother-in-law Daughter-in-law Syndrome occurs when the two ladies of the house do not get along, resulting in tension, affecting the overall atmosphere at home.

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From a Working Independent Woman To a Married Slave!

I request each and every woman out there to read my story and never blindly trust anyone, especially when you are planning to find a life partner for marriage. Take your time, do some background checking and only then choose your life partner wisely.

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Importance of Self-motivation
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Was a very interesting comment made by a parent this morning, “I wish my child would be motivated to complete any-thing taken up without us coaxing and cajoling. She just does not seem to realise the importance of self-motivation, her attitude is, if not this, something else – why bother?!”

Dear Future Husband, 12 Things I Want You To Know!
Indian Couple

To have a beautiful wedding one needs to understand each other and make sure that they fulfill the interests mutually; however, how is it possible without even sharing what kind of person you are and what is that makes you happy or unhappy?

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Abandonment – Leaving Behind Parents to Live and Die on Their Own!
From the Expert

My parents mean the world to me, and while I have been married for fifteen years, and have seen my parents transform from spirited adults who were always there for my brother and me, always encouraging us to explore and learn more, even agreeing to send us far away from home to becoming more emotional about us not spending enough time with them as we chase our dreams and make the best of our 40’s.

Taken To The Cleaners – How To Avoid Financial Ruin When Relationships End

We all know someone who has ended up back at financial square one after a messy and bitter divorce. The end of a relationship, be it a marriage, long-term domestic partnership or same-sex partnership can leave once loving couples in emotional, psychological and economic tatters. Between the division of assets, legal costs and court fees,

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Dear Mom, Why Did You Stop Loving Me? – A Married Son!
Mother and Son

Enough about the sacrificing daughters and daughter-in-laws, why not the unsung heroes of family, the Sons? Yes, that very “mere chaand ka tukda” “apple of my eye” “maa ka ladla” son, who is spoilt silly by most mothers in the Indian continent (not that we daughters are not spoilt silly by our fathers, but very few understand that after marriage!) We have already heard stories and read letters from the Daughter-in-laws about how things have changed for them after marriage, what about the sons? Life isn’t easy for them either and to make things worse, they don’t even have a mom’s shoulder to cry on like we do. This letter is an ode to them!

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I Never Believed In Friendship, But A Tragedy Changed My Life!

Police was already on the station and things got taken care. I was still not stable, the girl who saved me was no one but a colleague from my office. I recalled she was the one who shared smile every time I made an eye contact with her, but I walked away showing zero gestures. As she kept her hand on my shoulder, “Are you okay?” I hugged her tightly and cried like a horror struck baby. She hugged me back and consoled me, asked me to be calm as everything was in control. After two days I reached office at time and there she was with a morning smile, I smiled back! I felt good, refreshing and my day went well than it did earlier.

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Parenting – Are You Spending Quality Time With Your Kids?
family time
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Five year old Rohit walked around his classroom, aimlessly intimidating his younger friends, kicking them randomly for no reason and playfully smacking their backs. When confronted by his teacher, Rohit said “ I thought that’s O.K. as my dad always smacks me when we are together.” Here you have the case of an innocent five year old who has socially learned that it is ‘harmless’ to physically abuse others. The time spent with his dad left a detrimental impact which is very challenging to ‘unlearn’. It is a well established fact that how parents spend time with their children has an unfathomable impact on their holistic development.

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Is Your Marriage Heading Towards A Divorce?
Divorce Sign cover

It’s over! I call it Quits!! The marriage vows… the promises and the happy moments you lived with your partner… all seem to be slipping off your hand. How many people do you hear crying out about their failed marriage? The number, I assume is much higher than what it used to be a couple

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5 Things I Learnt From Chanda Kochhar’s Letter To Her Daughter!

The world knows her as a Padma Bhushan awardee, a top notch business woman but what we couldn’t gather till now was that, along with acing the world of banking sector, Chanda Kochhar, ICICI Bank Managing Director and CEO is also a great mother! On the corporate front, most of the women have her as their dream business mentor, but now she teaches us about life and parenting! And believe it is not something to skip, every mother, daughter or for that matter every parent and child should read her letter once to the life’s real essence put down neatly with her real life examples.

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