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Hello Gals! I am Mansi Padechia. I am here to offer you all my guidance to stay fit by eating proper diet. I am a registered dietician and recognized nationally. I have post graduated from SVT College in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics with specialization in diabetes and cardiac care.

My philosophy is there are no short cuts and overnight miracles. So I do not offer my gimmicks or quick fixes to my clients.

I work with people online as well as offline. I listen to them and understand their eating habits, health issues, life style and daily routine. On the basis of these factors I recommend them a personalized diet and exercise pattern, with an approach to improve your health by proper diet and simple workouts.

I also offer specific diets for different type diseases pertaining to weight gain, pregnancy, lactation, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, hormonal diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, different types of cancer, gastric diseases, respiratory diseases, diseases of bones and joint, pediatrics and genetic disorders.

I appreciate the work Swati has been doing with WomenPlanet and being a woman would love to offer my services and solve your queries here.

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