Top 10 Things Man Notices In Woman First

Women are always fussy and yet curious about the way they appear. No matter how many hours or even seconds they spend on their looks and dressing, they are never satisfied. Majority women love to enhance their looks, especially because they know that MEN around constantly Check them out.

But do you really know What a Man Actually Notices first in a Woman? This question wanders in every woman’s mind. A survey conducted recently highlighted the features that a man First notices in a woman. Here is the list of things that pulls a man’s thought towards you. Read them and keep a check on them.

beautiful eyes

Eyes: Eyes say a lot about your personality. It is the first thing that a man feels attracted to. We even have Bollywood songs, all dedicated to those beautiful Eyes.

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Smile: A smile that wins your heart. The first thing you do when you meet a guy is smile. And yes, the impression is surely impactful. So, be sure you have a sparkling fresh smile.

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Body: A well toned body and perfect curves, it all shows how healthy and careful you are about your overall health and fitness.

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Hair: One of the first things that a guy notice is your hair. Luscious locks add more beauty.

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with friends

Your friends: A person is known by the company she keeps. So, if you have good, smart and outgoing friends, guys will be more looking up for you.

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ability to converse

Ability to converse: Men are attracted to some common things like your sense of humor and your ability to converse with people. And yes, make sure you don’t have verbal diarrhea or are too shy to even speak your name.

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Dress sense: Ok, you may be smart, beautiful and easy to talk to, but the way you look is completely defined by your dressing sense. It is your dressing sense that brings out your taste in things.

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Height: The height you possess adds to your personality. Do you think, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would look equally beautiful and would have won her Miss India pageant without her height?

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Skin: A spotless, glowing skin that brings out your inner beauty. Women with a glowing skin are always a turn on.

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body posture

Posture: The way you walk, you stand and your body language always shows your confidence and style.
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