The ability to express myself only came through dance-Madura Joshi
Madura Joshi

After completing my Masters, I don’t know why, but I joined a dance school in Baroda. And that was it, I never looked back after that

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Happy World Dance Day!

It’s that little shake you do when things work out for you, a contagious happiness when a group is grooving to its favorite song, an intimate movement shared with your partner, a shared joy by the whole community, a way of devotion and a form of art.

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20 Things That Suggest You Are A Dancer

Footloose!! Dancing has always been one of our favourite Hobbies!! But, for a few it’s more than a hobby…it’s rather a passion. But are you aware that you are passionate about this so called hobby? Here are 20 such things that suggest you are a natural dancer. Well, you may not be a born dancer,

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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Belly Dancing
belly dancing
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Belly Dancing today, has gained immense popularity all across the globe. Its quite interesting to know why so many people, mostly women prefer to choose a dance form like Belly dancing, a dance form that has its roots embedded in the middle eastern countries and parts of north Africa, instead of going in for other

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Indian Classical Dance Styles

The country of rich culture and traditions, India is known world and across for its beautiful culture which includes various forms of dances. Take look at each dance form in detail!

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