The Pros of a Weighted Blanket!!
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The concept of the weighted blanket comes from psychiatry’s practice. In no case does this mean that it should be used for people with psychological and mental problems only. It’s just a very smart innovation that can help in easing many problems every person is dealing with, in some time of their life.

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Depression in Women – Are You Also One of Them?
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Indians are said to have some of the highest rates of depression in the world. The prevalence rate of depression in India in the general population ranges from 1.8% to 39.6%.

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The Stigma of Therapy – Seeking Therapy is Not a Matter of Shame!
Stigma Therapy

Everyone goes through phases of stress, anger and sadness, but the lack of discussion around mental health disorders and how people struggle with them makes it hard to recognise the signs that you need help.

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What is the Best Possible Treatment for Stress and Depression?
Fight Depression

Even though stress and anxiety disorder are the common mental issues faced by a lot of people today, the sickness isn’t that minor that could be taken for granted. As per the recent research, around 17%-19% of the total country’s population is dealing with stress and anxiety disorder.

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Why Women Should Play Golf?
Meghna Bal

Top Business School Accolades? Excellent work ethic? Successful demonstration of leadership skills at the expense of making many boardroom enemies? All these are regular remarks on most women executives’ record. But we still struggle to be accepted into the ‘inner circle’ of the business. In spite of all the hard work, business decisions are often made during one of those informal all-male meet-ups at the golf course. While it’s enough to drive you crazy with frustration, we ask you, why not take the easy route? Golf is a fun and engaging game where women can shoot through the glass ceiling of business and the pesky fairways. It might be time for women to reconsider that golf membership and get out in the sun.

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Why Marijuana Compliments Mindfulness and Meditation?
Marijuana and Meditation

Modern life is stressful. Juggling family, work, and studying can cause anxiety, depression, and health problems. Small amounts of stress are good for us, but when we spend every waking hour worrying about relationships, work deadlines, and whether the world is disintegrating into anarchy, it is essential to find personal peace.

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5 Enlivening Activities To Assist You Unwind From Your Work

It is so easy to take our work home with us, before opening a bottle (or two) to help us then try and forget it – a cycle that can leave us feeling over-worked and under slept. Thus, in an era where technology allows us to work wherever and whenever we want, it’s growing ever more important that we learn how to switch it, and ourselves, off. That’s why we’ve created this list of five easy, effective ways that will help you to do exactly that.

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Main Stress Causes You Have To Be Aware Of

Stress is definitely the silent killer, making us fall ill without realizing why that happens. Unfortunately, even those that are aware of how damaging stress is do not know what causes it. We need to be able to take a quick look at the following points as they are the main stress causing factors that you have to always deal with in life.

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How to Tackle Stress at Work Place!
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With heavy work load at office, uncooperative colleagues, demanding superiors and a huge to-do-list at work, life in office can be extremely strenuous. But, to beat the work stress and stay fresh mentally and physically, here are a few expert tips that you might want to try. Check them out and follow for a stress-free office hours.

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Quick De-Stress Mantra for Women – How to find your “Me Time”
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Finding your “Me Time” in today’s busy stressful life! “Tringgggg…” After having snoozed off my alarm thrice, half asleep, I wonder whether it’s a door bell, phone ring, alarm or a dream??? Waking up early morning was not what I signed up for, but this is one of the side-effect that marriage brought along. (Early

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Yoga Benefits – Physical and Mental Advantages
yoga benefits

Yoga for Health..Yoga for Mind..and Yoga for Life! Here are some of the proved benefits & advantages of Yoga. Know & inculcate them into your life for a healthier you.

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Monsoons – Rains, Romance And Fun
woman in rain

Monsoon has finally arrived!! The rains has a resonance when they come down it is a sound we need to hear. Here are some reasons why we love the rains.

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5-Minute Stress Relief Strategies
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Stress in modern times is inevitable and omnipresent. It just requires commitment to do some stress relieving techniques everyday & make them a part of your routine.

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Ways To Get Over A Bad Day
Bad Day

Don’t allow the situation get the better of you. Try to do something different and collect yourself before you get into a bad day.

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De-stressing For Good Health
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The effective way to good health is to de-stress yourself with utmost mental peace.

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Fight Stress with 7 Easy steps
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Fighting stress is very important. There are many ways to stress burst yourself. With close reading and analyzing most of them I could find the 7 easy steps to fight stress.

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Tune into Your Favorite Music Track and Show Stress the Door
music for stress

Music has many healing powers. The most important one is to reduce the stress pangs. Women should regularly listen to music to have positive effects on the body.

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Avoid Stress for Better Health

Say No to Stress and Yes to Health. Avoid stress with 13 strong psychological and physical time-tested methods.

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