Another Family: 6 Tips to find your Perfect Flatmate

Living alone in a flat, PG or apartment in a new city far away from your parents may feel like hell and can be a dreadful experience for you. That boring time when there’s not a single word from the surroundings and the disgusting feel when you are unable to take the opinion of either red

How to uncover your true passion in life & roll with it?
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Do you find that deep down, there is something unsettling about how you are currently leading your life? Whether it is feeling misaligned with the job you currently hold, or feeling lackadaisical about life in general, the key ingredient to the recipe of life that you may be missing is your true passion. You, as

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6 Green Gardening Habits to Please Mother Nature

When you’re lucky enough to live in a country like Australia, where wildlife is very much in abundance, it’s not so difficult to open up your world and let it in. Most homeowners have a garden, even if it’s on the small side, and it represents a great opportunity to get up close and personal

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5 Tips for Creating an Elegant Yet Creative Child’s Room

Sophisticated and elegant bedrooms don’t have to be vanilla. They don’t have to be stuffy, overdone, or expensive. There are many ways to add flair and creativity to sophistication and elegance to your child’s room. Here are 5 tips to help you.

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8 Ways to Cure Gastritis Problem during Festivals!
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Festive season comes with a boon in India where all the festivals bring family & friends together. Dining out, consumption of alcohol and high caloric goodies are some things we can’t ignore throughout the festivity. But make sure that it does not affect your health, especially your stomach!

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Four Fabulous White Dresses to Brighten Up Your New Year’s Eve Party!

The question is, what will you wear? Here are four fabulous white dresses to brighten up your New Year’s Eve celebration. You can also find all of the happy dresses at this lovely online clothing boutique for women.

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Ensure Healthy, Glowing Skin For The Festival Season, Naturally!
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With festivities around the corner, we all become a little casual about our diet, exercise and daily skincare routine. However this seems to be the most crucial time to maintain it, since the festive times call for late nights, excess sweets, indulging in high calorie food, etc. Well, since we have been so diligent all this while, it’s alright to give ourselves a break. But make sure that we do not over do some things so much that our skin starts reflecting it by breaking out and being dull. Below are a few simple tips to keep you going through the festive season.

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5 Simple And Smart Shopping Tricks To Get Juicy Discounts Online!

Shopping online is a lot cheaper in general, and there are many reasons why. Nevertheless, you can still act super smart and make those prices get even lower. How? Below we share a list of five superb tips which will surely improve your shopping experience and let you save money on everything you wish to purchase on the web!

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20 Smart Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Regular Life Easier!

Kitchen is the place all of us love to be in. Those delicious recipes invented and prepared, those messiness you create on the kitchen platform, those cute clumsiness made during rush and so many formed memories. But hey not everything is recalled for good, some kitchen mysteries are so tough that we have to spend hours to get it done or at times we have to give up something that we love. Remember the favorite pan everyone has?

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Learn It Now: 15 Amazing Life skills That Brings You Success And Honor!

Success is an outcome of few habits which needs to be cultivated for years. No one has ever become successful overnight, though for some people, the way to conquer their dreams are much harder than the people who have money and power as a backbone but that doesn’t hinder your caliber if you have decided to be on the list. Isn’t it? Few habits, some life skills and certain level of attitude one has to let go off or cultivate one in order to embrace the triumph. Here are few things that you need to learn, so that your future can learn a stepping stone to their success!

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7 Day-to-Day Basic Things You Can Do For A Healthy-Glowing Skin!
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Life is too short and we have so many things to achieve and these days we all are becoming too health conscious, we should be! When we talk about our skin, we have done everything for its health and beauty – Cosmetics, technology, this scrub… spas.. eat healthy and what not. How about we just do simple day to day things without a miss and get a glowing healthy skin, without much efforts? Here are some of simple and basic things that we can do in our day to day routine to ensure health skin.

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8 Smart Safety Tips To Help You Escape The Danger!

Anything learnt is never a waste. What life has enclosed for you the next moment is unpredictable and hence one need to be prepared for those sudden developments. If some day you are struck in a situation where you have nothing but just a brain and a little smartness to save yourself, these handy safety tips would assist you; probably that can save not just you but many innocent lives.

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12 Effortless Habits For Beautiful And Healthier Hair
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We all dream of beautiful, shiny, healthy, voluminous hair.. And the list do not ends at all when it comes to our expectations from our hair. While experimenting with every good shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, colors and what not, instead of building a great appearance we end up spoiling our hair. But hey, there’s nothing to be disappointed as Women Planet has accumulated some pretty unusual habits that you can cultivate for the sake of your beautiful hair.

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Go Green And Stay Cool This Summer, At Your Home!
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We all have to accept that Humans are the sole responsible reason of Global Warming or changing climatic conditions we now and then get to face. Collectively we all have to do a lot of things to pay off the damage and we have to begin from somewhere! And what could be more better than starting it from our own house?

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Tips To Conserve Water For You, Me And Them!
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Water! Since the time we were little kids studying in school, how many times did we repeat these lines?? – “Water is our life, we should save it.” “Stop the wastage of Water, We just have ⅓ of earth” “Water is essential for every living beings, let us share it wisely.” Well, we learnt that but how many of us actually follow it? Are we thinking about its equal share? Though we know, we cannot provide water to everyone who are deprived of it, humanly not possible but hey, we might be the reason they are not getting the water. Let’s not forget that Water is for all, every living being on this planet and it is not MANMADE!
Here are few tips that you, me and they can cultivate as habit to save gallons of water, only to try making it reach to the deprived.

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Heat Blisters : How To Naturally Treat Them?
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Heat rashes usually occur when the sweat glands under the skin are blocked and the sweat is unable to reach the surface of the skin to evaporate. This causes inflammation that results into rashes which are referred to as blisters. Since these rashes tend to give that prickly itchy feeling, they are sometimes also called prickly heat.

Usually these blisters are mild and are filled with a transparent fluid or serum. In some cases, they may get infected and get filled with pus and blood. The surrounding area becomes red, itchy, inflamed and sensitive to touch.

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7 Tips That Make Your Flowers Last Longer!!

Their sweet scent… the beautiful colors, the positivity they spread around, all make flowers a very important part of Home Decor! Having flowers in the house or your office, adds a refreshing beauty to its ambience. But, the only thing that bothers us when buying flowers is how quick they perish. A day or two… and then you have to replace them with fresh ones. This is where you need these excellent tips to make your flowers last way longer than they usually do.

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5 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Mom’s Old Sarees!
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We all love our sarees and make sure to preserve them for years to come. Some are expensive and some have huge sentimental values attached to them. But when such sarees become old, lose out their natural sheen or when the embroidery starts coming off, what do we do, just give them away? Doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it?
Well, it’s a good thing to donate your old clothes but with some, you just can’t part ways. So, keep those rich and precious sarees close to yourself by just changing its form.

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