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Good to get connected to all the beautiful ladies at Women Planet! I am Arpita Ganesh, India’s only bra fitter or you can say a lingerie expert. Yes, it sounds strange because in India, we lack awareness on the importance of bra fittings and have numerous bra size issues. 90% women wear a wrong size because either they do not know better or do not get their size of bras. I have seen women struggling to get options of Bras not only in sizes but also in styles, that would suit their size. After a lot of research and very hard work, I found a way to introduce and bring to them great fitting Bras.

I launched Buttercups in 2008 and since then, I have fit over 3000 women for their right size. The motto of launching Buttercups was to help women get better fitting bras. My lingerie boutique offered the world’s best brands as does my online store, I am also coming up with my own brand of bras.

My expertise has provided me opportunity to consult some of the world’s biggest and reputed brands (M&S and Fredericks). I formally was trained in by two very famous lingerie brands from Europe. I have also sized and fit several celebrities and conducted numerous workshops on lingerie, including one for the contestants of the “I Am She” Miss Universe India pageant.

WomenPlanet is a nice platform to connect with you all. I would like to help as many women as possible. I have also developed India’s only bra sizing app ABTF (available on iStore& Google Play), to help women with finding their right size. You can also read more of my expert views on my blog

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