The Bump To Baby – A Pregnancy Studio That Helps Ease Your Pregnancy and Motherhood!
The Bump to Baby

Pregnancy is a life changing event in a woman’s life! Your body changes, your skin changes, your hormones change and also your eating and sleeping habits. It’s not just about you anymore, but about your little baby that is growing slowly in the warmth and love of your womb. But as important as the journey of pregnancy is, there are very few pregnancy care institutions in our country that take care of everything, including your health, your baby and your fitness.

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Music Brought Us Together – Says Kavita Krishnamurthy

Kavita Krishnamurthy is a well-known celebrity in Bollywood. She married Dr. L Subramaniam on November 10, 1999. But, she insists that they never had a love story. Here is a dekho at her marriage from her own point-of-view.

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Secret Spilled – Fitness Queen Sophie Choudry Talks about Fitness and FitTox
Sophie Tea - FitTox

Being multi-talented is something that she is known for. The very talented, beautiful and fitness lover, Sophie Choudry recently got a new hat to her collection as she chose to step into the entrepreneur scene. Women Planet got a chance to interview the diva and talk about her new venture, FitTOX drive.

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Inspiring Women – Meet Reni Thomas

……About Women who Aspire and Inspire This article aims to bring forward the life event stories of those individuals, whose stories and interviews keep the potential to inspire its readers. Meet Reni Thomas. She is like any ordinary woman living among us. However, it is only once you come to know her, will you find

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“Someone actually told me her mom-in-law slept with them on their wedding night”
amr 146

Her debut novel Exit Interview published by Rupa Publications which was called “unputdownable” by readers and reviewers alike was about challenging social perceptions and now the same thread runs through her second book Museum of Memories

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Decoding Demonetization – With Finance Expert Mehrab Irani
Decoding Demonetization - Mehrab Israni
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“Challenges Bring Out The Best In Me..” – Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is the first non-white to play a lead in an American TV show. She is also the first Indian actress to own a Rolls Royce. Through her successful film career, she has become one of the highest earning actresses in Hindi cinema and immensely popular on the international scene as well. In a career spanning more than ten years, she won a National Award (for Fashion) within the first five years of being in the industry.

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Women Don’t Talk About The Harassment They Face At Work – Amrita Mukherjee
Amrita Mukherjee. Pix by Chandrani Kar

Journalist and blogger Amrita Mukherjee’s debut novel Exit Interview published by Rupa Publications is about the journey of a fictional journalist Rasha Roy. While Amrita says that the book deals with all the things a woman has to go through to make a place for herself in this unforgiving world, it also talks about strong male characters, who can make a positive difference in a woman’s life.

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Veda Raheja Defines Her Design Sensibility!

Fine Textured Fabrics, Hand Embroidered Patterns, Bold Colors and a Contrasting use of Sharp Lines…the designs and creations of Veda Raheja talk a lot about her bold personality and talent. Although she made her debut into the fashion industry last year in the Lakme Fashion Week with her exclusive Spring-Summer Collection – 2014, she has been successful in making her mark with her designs.

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Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Work Hard! : Hiral Shah
Hiral Shah

This is a team of three entrepreneurs who believe in the power of youth. Yes, the only marketing website of India that offers student discounts, save pocket money. We got a chance to get in touch with the CEO of this website, Hiral Shah.

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Being Humanitarian Is more Important – Geetu Hinduja talks about Womenism and Music

A Rockstar at heart and with a true passion for music, it didn’t take time for Geetu Hinduja to work her way into the music industry from her well established art business of 15 years. With two successful music albums and several shows and concerts, Geetu Hinduja has made her mark in the music industry.

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Believe In Yourself And Your Dreams – Kanika Kapoor On Her Life And Passion For Music
kanika kapoor

What will you name a woman who dedicated her life to bring up her children beautifully, fulfilling all their dreams? For us, she is Kanika Kapoor, the voice behind Chartbuster songs like Baby Doll, Jugniji and the most recent hit song, ‘Chil gaye naina’ from the film NH10.

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Spending on organic is an ‘Investment’: Namita Ambani

Namita Ambani, an entrepreneur has done Masters in Business Administration and has been Company Secretary for many years. She has a fairly long corporate career with Reliance, Pantaloons and Aditya Birla. Today, she is engaged in preparing and distributing organic tiffins in Mumbai and has her own website for organic food.

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Live For Your Passion And Be Humble: Sucheta Pal
Sucheta Pal

An active, energetic and the only Zumba education specialist- Sucheta Pal is a person to be looked upon. We were fortunate to get in touch with her, here goes the conversation-

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I Firmly Believe in Reservations: Leena Patil, Superintendent of Police
leena patil

A lady, who makes people work left and right; the one who keeps check on justice and strives for a better and peaceful society is the one we got a chance to speak to. Leena Patil, Superintendent of Police (SP), shares with us the important lessons that life has taught her.

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A man with commitment – Mehrab Irani

Mehrab Irani is the General Manager of TATA Investment Corporation and has a large amount of experience in both equity and fixed income markets. He is a regular figure on business news channels and publications in his 15 year long and prosperous career.

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“If I could, so can you” – Heena Sidhu, Inspiring Indian women and the world
Heena Sidhu

Making a dream come reality! Talking of dreams, we all dream of something or the other as a child. But, only a few succeed to achieve their dreams. Heena Sidhu is one such person, who has given away all her strength, mind and soul to achieve her dream of becoming India’s best shooter. And yes,

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Accessories Can Either Make or Break The Look – Mrinalini Chandra
mrinalini chandra

Taking the world of Fashion Jewellery designing to newer heights, Mrinalini Chandra is name or better said, a brand herself today. Know more about her love for Jewellery Designing in this exclusive interview!

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