Vaibhav Shah

Co-Editor, Women Planet

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Hello, I, Vaibhav Shah, am the co-editor of ‘Women Planet’. Since, you are here, I assume you want to know more about me unless you have accidently stumbled up on this page, nonetheless. I am an outgoing, fun loving & most of times a lunatic. I regard myself as nomad & a wandering soul. Started off my career as hospitality professional and have been a part of some of India’s & UK’s elitist hospitality firms, for over seven years. Then, abruptly decided to change my profession and work as a pharmaceutical analytical lab manager. Do not ask why as I, myself am still trying to figure that out. Now, I have also opened a tiny but unique food joint, serving sustainable food. If all this cross-over was not enough. I have accepted this challenge of being a co-editor for ‘Women Planet’ despite of having no professional background or qualification for the same. However, what I do possess is an eye for detail, dedication, urge to try something new & a critical mindset. This has led Swati to entrust me with such a consequential position in ‘Women Planet’. I use my mashed up concoction of experiences to add a refreshing touch to an already diverse and interesting repertoire of ‘Women Planet’. Well at least I’d like to believe that am adding a refreshing touch to ‘Women Planet’.

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