Happy World Dance Day!


It’s that little shake you do when things work out for you, a contagious happiness when a group is grooving to its favorite song, an intimate movement shared with your partner, a shared joy by the whole community, a way of devotion and a form of art.

It’s not just to be done in discotheques or on stage or during marriages or festivals, it is a part of our daily life, because what is dance? Just movements. With lot of passion, joy and emotion poured into it.

You do not have to learn a base like Bharatnatyam or Ballet, not know Jazz jargons or history of Contemporary dance, or “steps” of your folk dance, nor do you have to imitate Govinda or worship your favorite choreographer, you just have to move the way your heart wants you to, because when your body moves, the movement never lies. Your body speaks of what you feel, and with dance, all your emotions pour out with each movement.

dance 2

“Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it.” – Martha Graham

Right from the times of Devadasis who danced for devotion, to courtesans, to gurus of dance, and to the choreographers of today, the timeline of dance in Indian culture has had a roller-coaster ride, in its forms, performers and societal acceptance.  But the question is, why dance?

Dance for some, is passion; for others, simply a weight-loss technique. Dance is much more than this and much more important.

It helps improve confidence. You will find courage.

It’s fun. It’s a workout. It’s a fun workout.

It’s a stress buster. A secret to glowing skin.

It takes you to a tranquil zone & clears your mind.

It boosts memory and prevents dementia

It’s the best “me time” ever!

It’s therapeutic and boosts mind-body emotional connection.

It improves body posture & body language

It is detoxifying & helps prevent insomnia

It balances energies & evokes creativity

It increases balance, concentration and spatial awareness.

It improves flexibility, heart condition and muscle strength

It improves social skills.

It gives a liberated feeling and makes you less judgmental

It works on the trust factor when dancing with a partner.

It gives you a peek into different cultures & is a learning experience

It makes you more appreciative of different art forms

It makes you age gracefully

So today on World Dance Day, how are you going to celebrate it?

Maybe watch dance movies like Step Up series & Black Swan or AajaNachle, read dance books like A Dancer’s Journal or the History of Indian Dance, turn on the music & dance in front of the mirror, or go ahead and join a dance class…

Because we all like to move it move it!

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