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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing today, has gained immense popularity all across the globe. Its quite interesting to know why so many people, mostly women prefer to choose a dance form like Belly dancing, a dance form that has its roots embedded in the middle eastern countries and parts of north Africa, instead of going in for other forms of dancing. Well, being a trained belly dancer, I will give you 8 reasons to choose Belly dancing for your passion of love and a good health.

  • Confidence – Have you ever seen a belly dancer in a corner? Well, never, and never will you see it either. Belly dance helps you boost your confidence- from inner beauty to appearance, expressions to performance, with each class you know you have got it. You will never be that girl in the corner again!!!
  • Jewellery – If you have been the kid who has avoided wearing jewellery at almost every possible event, then hello… Belly dance is here to change your attitude towards jewellery’s. Every earring you see will seem tiny now.
  • Experience – Apart from learning something new each day, you also will experience stuff you probably never did. Drumming, filming, hemming, are a few to mention.
  • Costumes – Whether you chose to show your belly or not, there are costumes for all…also for those who don’t love to see themselves in those clingy outfits.
  • Toned shape – You will not just lose weight while learning belly dance, but will also see your body get toned up. Belly dance exercises your unmoved muscles which help you get in shape and stay healthier.
  • Sisterhood – Yes, you will find the best of your friends and family in a belly dance class where you learn, dance, eat, laugh, sleep, plan, cry, and pretty much live together with your sister learners. Hafla, a middle-eastern dance party is the place where sisters from almost everywhere around, come together to shimmy and share.
  • Celebration – While every performance/show is a celebration in itself, Belly dance will also help you celebrate each day of life. It of course is a celebration when you get to lunch with your sister learner or master teacher or get photographed for the in-class activity.
  • Amuse – If you are at a boring get together, you can now easily amuse your friends and family with your belly dancing skills, And to top it up, you can always share your experiences to inspire more people to learn and perform this beautiful art form.

If you are a belly dancer and feel like sharing your reason, Please feel free to share it in the comments below. Live! Dance! Explore!

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