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Tips To Virtually Hang Out With Friends

Since the COVID-19 disease broke out, the world has had to adjust to curb the spread. We have been forced to distance ourselves socially and even stay isolated at home. For this reason, many around the world have been forced to find new ways to hang out with friends and family.

Even as we hope to see the pandemic come to an end soon, we can still take some steps to enjoy our social lives.

Sing Karaoke

As the clubs and bars are closed at the moment, we don’t have to stop singing. You and your friends can gather together online for karaoke sessions, just like these guys did. You can do this with your friends or family using Google Hangouts or Skype.

Compile a list of your favorite karaoke songs and get your friends to be available at the same time. You can have an amazing experience together.

Play Live Casino

If you were a regular player at physical casinos, you must have been missing playing with your friends and all the action. You may also be feeling bad for not having the fun and excitement that come with the games. The good news, however, is that you can still catch this fun while at home.

There are several live casino games which can be played online from home. All you need to do is find live dealer casinos and register with your friends. You will get the opportunity to interact with each other and enjoy the same feeling of excitement as if you are playing physically together in a casino in Goa.

Watch Party

This is for you if you’re already bored watching Netflix alone and you’re missing being with your friends at the cinema. You can decide to watch a movie together with your friends at the same time, while you are at different locations.

This can be done through the Netflix party feature. It allows friends to watch movies at the same time in different places and engage with themselves in a chat room. All you need to enjoy this Netflix feature is a Netflix account, a Google Chrome Browser, and an extension.

You can also host a watch party on Facebook and invite your friends. You all can make comments and reactions as the movie plays.

Game Night

That you cannot meet with your friends physically does not mean you cannot enjoy a game night together. There are several games and apps even on mobile devices that will allow you to invite your friend to join you. You can challenge a friend to join you on a gaming app and enjoy it together. Some games even allow more than 2 players. This means you can host a competition with your friends even when you’re far away.

To make the game night more interesting, you should plan it well. Set a date and time for the game and get your internet connection ready. You can also share a recipe or drinks together.

Book Club

Reading is fun when you do it with friends. All you need to do with your friends is agree on a particular book and a time to read. Then, you make a video call and chat about it. You don’t need to go out to libraries to get books. You can order from bookstores and request for home delivery. Preferably, you can go for the digital versions of the books.

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