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10 Things You Will Always Miss About Your Hostel Life

Miles away from the cozy dens of our homes, the hugs and nurtures of our parents, the beautiful family outings and the cat fight between you and your sibling! Living a hostel life is nothing less than a starting life afresh. With roomies coming from different backgrounds, religions and languages, some pathetic food, long ques for bathrooms and a strict rector, life surely gets interesting in a hostel. But hey, no matter how much you curse those days, they surely become the most memorable days of our lives, don’t they?

Time has rolled, life has changed and those friends are far away, but still the memories seem just as fresh as they did when we gossiped about them in the hostel rooms. Here are some fun things that most hostelites have experienced and even learned from their hostel life. Check these funny incidents and memories, and share your experiences with us.

The ‘Did you Know’ Tea time gossips

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Oh My God…Tea time gossips have always been special. Right from discussing about the clothes to wear to the chapters that will be discussed, the angry professor and the new guy who just got in, well tea time gossips can include them all.

Share and Eat – Sharing N fussing over snacks with friends

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Do you remember making bhel at night, when one of your roomies offers her sev-mamra, other the chutneys and some else decides to chop the other ingredients? Well, sharing and eating in hostels is always fun. But, along with the fun part comes those who simply come and enjoy your snacks and go away. And dude… I haven’t even eaten anything!!!

Whose chance is it? – Room cleaning

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Hostel means messy rooms, stinky socks, wet towels on the bed and god knows what! And the best part is none of the roomies remember whose chance is it today to clean the room. Did you enjoy cleaning it?

Aww… Can I wear it? – Sharing clothes

girls exchanging clothesSource

Ok, so you just got a new dress to wear and guess what, your roomie expresses her wish to wear it. In most cases, it’s never a problem, especially in men who even wear or rather share each others boxers J Ewww… but in reality, yes, sharing clothes is also a part of hostel life.

Keep the lights off! – Sleep time disturbances

Is their a Book rule that when your roomie sleeps, you need to as well? Hahaha… no! And so, there will always be disturbances like listening to songs, talking to other friends, doing college assignments and yes… most importantly keeping the lights On!

Movies, food and outings – the Freedom

girls outingSource

Ok… So its weekend and none of us are going home… the plan is simple… lets freak out! Shopping with your hostel friends, going to movies together or even visiting the nearby trade fair… well outings with friends is always fun.

Alarm! Its Exam time


Tring tring…tring tring…. Is that your roomie’s alarm clock? Well, exam times are the funniest times of all. Almost every one in the hostel is wide awake, studying or taking a break by disturbing the others. And yes… not to forget the never ending exam syllabus…!

Crying – I miss my momm

missing homeSource

A very rare sight, but yes I have seen my friends cry for their parents in hostel. What a scene it used to be… with our parents miles away and no phones to reach out to them, lending our shoulders to our friends to cry for their parents used to be one of the sweetest things ever.

That B***H…. Fight Fight Fight – Most important discussion of the day

girls fightingSource

Ahaa… Gals here comes the most important thing…Bitching about others from your class or college. No matter how many nice experiences you remember, it’s a human tendency to remember the fights best. Who fought with whom… what happened… Arghhh I missed it… and more. Well, discussing about the fights surely was one of the favorite activities of all.

Birthday Treats – Surprises and crazy plans

birthday surpriseSource

Birthday Surprise…. And what is it? Rotten eggs, tomatoes, colors and food leftovers…. Birthday celebrations in hostels have always been close-to-heart experiences. With the entire hostel coming over to wish you and the elongated treats, the celebration in the hostels surely were fun compared to today’s boring social celebrations.

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