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What If Your Periods Start On Your Wedding Day

Congratulations to the almost bride-to-be! With your beautiful wedding dress, shoes, accessories and jewelry ready, it is time to get into them and walk the isle to your Mr. Perfect. But what if your periods pop-up unexpectedly, just hours before you exchange the vows? How will you manage the unexpected and still look gorgeous on your wedding day? Well, worry not and simply relax. Here are some expert suggestions to manage your periods and wedding perfectly, without letting people know about your little bloody secret.

Preventing your periods

According to Hindu shastras, the wedding dates are usually chosen by the parents and the girls, in a way that they don’t clash with the bride’s periods. However, there are chances that you may get your periods just before your wedding day. In such conditions, it is best to take the help of your gynecologist, take the required medications to prepone or postpone your periods. Visit your gynecologist at least 2 months prior to your wedding to avoid the clash.

Never choose to take medications yourself as they may lead to nausea, irregular bleeding, breakouts and also depression.

Discuss with your Partner

According to the traditions, talking or meeting your partner before marriage is believed to be inauspicious for the newly married couple. Also, women with periods are refrained from doing any holy activities during the cycle. In such conditions, it is best to take help from your partner and postpone the wedding day by a few days. This is usually done when the marriage dates are fixed between the two families. The date which doesn’t clash with your periods is usually chosen by the partners.

Keep it to yourself

Most religious beliefs are myths and are followed by people only if they believe in them. So, if you get your periods hours before your wedding, you can simply keep it a secret between you and your partner. This will save you from a little guilt.

Wedding Day Precautions

  • Wear a sanitary napkin that is safe and long lasting.

  • Keep it a secret between you and all those you trust. Ask your friends to keep a check on your outfit for stains.

  • Wear an extra slip inside to avoid staining on your wedding dress.

  • Keep an extra panty in your kit just for emergency reasons.

  • Avoid wearing heels as they can cause extra cramps on your legs.

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