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The Journey Of 9 Months Wrapped In 4 Minutes – Making Of A Baby!

God is incredible in any form and so is his creations. We are not surprised that we may be struck with a surprise each day till we die naturally in 80’s or say in 90’s, such is this unimaginable world we live in! No matter how far we humans go with the help of Science & Technology, we would always remain a subordinate to the supreme power, and the reason is his creations and the process that is so complicated yet so simple and beautiful!

In a human womb, a child takes 9 months to form an entire him/herself which is a great process in itself; however, difficult to see or read and imagine the journey. Watch this amazing video which shows how a journey of a Sperm began and ended it to be a healthy child just in 4 minutes. Be ready for some happy tears!

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