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8 Vaginal Facts No One Told You About!

Vaginal Facts! For a woman, a major part of her life revolves around her Vagina! Periods – Sex -Babies – Menopause – and finally also her health! But, no matter how much you seem to know about your Vagina, there are always certain surprising facts that seem to shock you when you read about them! So, if you thought you knew all about your lower and most important body part, read these mindboggling facts about your Vagina! Trust me, you will be really surprised!


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  1. Vaginal Clit is more Sensitive than a man’s penis

We all know how sensitive a man’s penis is, right?

But did you know that a female’s clit has almost 8000 nerve endings compared to just 4000 nerve endings present in a man’s penis.

So, who is the most sensitive now?

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  1. The Vagina expands 200% times when excited

We love it when we see our man’s erection grow to its mighty length!

But did you Know that a mere 3 to 4 inch sized vagina can actually EXPAND by 200%, during its fully aroused state?


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  1. Vagina has Natural lubricant

Vagina of a woman doesn’t require any lubricant to keep itself moist and healthy.

The Vagina has its own natural Lubricant Squalene, a mechanism similar to sharks!

 pubic hair

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  1. Life expectancy of pubic hair is just 3 weeks

Bikini wax, razors and hair removal creams! Most of us follow either of these hair removal products to get rid of our pubic hair!

But did you know that our Pubic hair has a small life expectancy of just 3 weeks, while the Hair on our head can last for as long as 7 years?

Women orgasms more than men

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  1. A Woman orgasms more than a man

Not satisfied after an intimate encounter with your man? It’s not like you have become a sex maniac, but it is because you are a woman!

A female can orgasm 134 times in an hour, compared to just 16 orgasms achieved by a man!

Shocked?? I bet you are! So, let sex be more about female satisfaction than that of men!

Vaginal facts - 6

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  1. Vagina and its self-cleaning mechanism

Women are independent and so is it’s Vagina! It doesn’t need any help.

The Vagina has its own Self-cleaning mechanism which keeps it clean and hygienic.

Vagina - a closed umbrella

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  1. Inner Walls of the Vagina resemble a closed umbrella

In our biology classes, we always read that the Vagina is V shaped!

But, did you know that inside it is like a pleated sheet which opens up like an umbrella during sex?

Vaginal facts - 8

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  1. Vagina and its Types

For us, Vagina is one of its kind, with a basic structure and shape. Wrong!

Did you know that are 8 different types of Vagina?

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