A Bittersweet Journey, Ananya – Review

The book is based on the journey of young girl named Ananya, a teenager who deals with bridges in her complicated teenage life. A brilliant student who had her dreams which she wanted to focus on and achieve them. She was leading a normal life with her parents and her life revolved around her family, peers and studies. She was a very ambitious student and wanted to excel by clearing the IIT entrance exam. She loved to hang out with her friends and they stood by each other no matter what. This picture perfect life takes a turn and makes Ananya experience some bitter moments. The author tries to explain the difficulties of an urban family. It acknowledges the reality that due to both parents working, the child is deprived of their time. This leads to the child having to deal with problems related to teen and young adult age. What is the role of a mother and her involvements can be seen by giving time and attention and father is seen something secondary in the book.

What I think:

Despite of it not being a thriller or a suspense, the book is well paced and always keeps the readers intrigued. The novel is a good page turner which is worth reading. There are several bold yet current topics that are dealt in this book. It deals with the problems this modern technology savvy aged teens face. For example: Teenage pregnancy, depression and peer pressure etc. At places I felt there are many thoughts running simultaneously at a time but without any explanation. But lastly, the author explains how Ananya regains her life. It’s good to see that nowadays, authors write on such consequential issues related to teens of our new age urban India.

Who should read:

According to me every parent and a teen or young adult belonging to this modern westernized urban India should read this. There is something for all of them to relate to with the characters of the book and they may learn a few things from the book too. Also, people who like to try their hands on something offbeat to read, this is a very good choice! Hope all the readers enjoy this book the way I did.

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