Amrita Mukherjee

Guest Writer

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Amrita Mukherjee started her journalism career with The Asian Age, Kolkata, in 1998 as a Sub- Editor/Reporter, she subsequently worked with Hindustan Times and The Times of India. In 2007, she moved to Dubai and worked as Features Editor in Masala! magazine, the most popular Bollywood magazine in the UAE.

As a student of sociology, with first class degrees from Presidency College and Calcutta University, she has always been interested in women’s issues and felt that mainstream journalism often does not delve into issues that alternative journalism needs to highlight. That’s how she started her own brand of journalism in her blog, and two years on, her blog not only has more than 60,000 hits, but it has also been featured in leading dailies and websites.

She is currently working as a freelancer in various magazines, newspapers and websites, both Indian and international.

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