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Fashion, Gossip & Travel- these things define me! Hello….I am Hamida Keshwani aka Hami, owner of Fashionmate, Celebrityfashion & a self-proclaimed Style junkie! A Princess in my imaginations, and a Fashion Blogger, Content writer, Brand Manager and Digital Marketer in reality. My love for Shopping, Styling and Reading earmarked my journey from Environment Management to Fashion Writing. Being a type of girl who would rather draw fancy dresses at the back of her notebook, scribble poems, read fiction and play dress-up at the age of five, I was destined to be a Blogger in some parallel world. Shopaholic has been my alter-ego. So even after taking up my career in Science, the Fashion & Writing Keeda in me never ceased to haunt, until I got married to a Digital Marketer who introduced me to the world of Blogging!

So here I am, dolling out tips on styling, Celebrity gossip, designer interviews, health, life-style and Travelling! I love spreading love!! 

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