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Ssshhhh! Sexual Health Tips For The To-be Bride

Sex…Sexual Health… and Bride! All related to one word, spoken and believed to be the purest relation – Marriage. So, Congratulations to the beautiful bride-to-be and here is our gift to you, a special advise on how to manage your sex life, sexual health and pregnancy after marriage.

With your D-day approaching at galloping speed, and most of the arrangements taken care off, it is time you know about those intimate answers and tips to keep your physical intimacy healthy with your Mr. Perfect. If taken care at the right time, you can enjoy your post-marriage love with a lot of sugar and spice without having to worry about pregnancy and child-birth. Here are answers to some of the most basic questions of a soon to be bride about her menses cycle and sexual health. Read and stay healthy for a happy married life.

Tame your irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular menstrual cycle is not a matter of worry these days. Almost half of the women population suffers from an irregular menstrual cycle. But, for a bride-to-be it is essential to keep your cycle regular for a happy wedding and honeymoon celebration. After all you wouldn’t want your periods to start on your wedding day right?

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Tips to regulate your menstrual cycle

  • Take the advice of your gynecologist at least 3 months prior to your wedding. This will help you get used to the treatment in time, just before your wedding day.
  • Most doctors prescribe contraceptive pills to regulate the periods. These pills are a great way if ensuring that you don’t start your periods right on your wedding day.
  • Start taking the prescribed pills at least 2 months in advance. This allows you enough time in hand to change the medication, in case they don’t suit your health.
  • Most medications are free of side-effects. This helps you to regulate your irregular periods easily.
  • In case your wedding is scheduled on the 19th of November, while your periods start on the 15th of every month, then start consuming the pills from the 15th of September. This will help you have your next month periods by the 9th of October. Again start the next set of pills 7 days after the first cycle of tablets. Thus, you should have your periods on the 7th of November, a week prior your wedding date. This will hence free you from all the religious taboos linked with marriage and periods.
  • Additionally, they will also help you enjoy your wedding, honeymoon and love-making without the slightest worry of getting pregnant.

Post-wedding care

Now that you are married, Sex for newly married couples is surely the most important thing. The lust is unavoidable. But, using condoms or other precautionary measures such as contraceptive pills are great solutions to avoid immediate pregnancies after marriage, unless you wish to plan a family soon. The chances of conceiving a baby after marriage are very high, especially due to the frequency of sexual intercourse. This is also one reason why a lot of newly married couples opt for early abortions soon after their marriage. But abortions are not a solution. Remember, Abortions are painful, tormenting and Not the best solution to avoid a pregnancy.

pillsCondoms: Using either male or female condoms as a precaution is a great way to stay safe from pregnancy and also a list of health conditions including, AIDS, genital warts, Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis and Hepatitis B.

Oral contraceptives: You can continue with the same oral contraceptive pills prescribed to you by your doctor prior your wedding. They are good, safe and help keep your periods regular.

After Morning pills: in case you forgot taking your pills or using a condom, these after morning pills are a good solution to avoid pregnancy. But remember, these are emergency contraception medications which should not be consumed frequently as they have their own side-effects.

With these points, enjoy your marriage, sex life and plan your pregnancy wisely with a good sexual health. Happy Married Life to you!!!

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