Safe Sex

Easy Ways to Avoid Sexual Infections in Women

Sexual well-being is very important for a woman. Often, we end up ignoring advices and warnings leading to grave situations. It is better to prevent such conditions than to tackle infections later on. Here are listed some preventive measures that can safeguard you in the long run.

  • Say No to Unprotected Sex: Throw out the misconception that only men who had an active sex life are carriers of STD virus. Your partner may be one such carrier without him knowing it. The virus causing STD can be dormant for years. Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is one such virus that remains dormant for years. It can be passed on to you, if you give in to unprotected sex. Hence, to safeguard yourself, ensure that a condom is used.
  • Keep Yourself Well-Hydrated: It is necessary that you should have your daily quota of drinking water. Avoiding this healthy habit might make you prone to UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. UTI is quite common among women. However, not many take it seriously. UTI results in vaginal infections. The reason being the weakened urino-genital tract. You can easily avoid UTI by drinking water regularly and cleaning your privates after intercourse.
  • Follow Strict Cleanliness Habits: You are prone to infection anywhere. To keep yourself safe, keep a ready to use safety-kit always. This should include tissues and hand sanitizers. Remember to wash your hands before and after using the washrooms. Try to avoid public washrooms as they are the storehouse of germs causing vaginal infections.
  • Go in for Regular Pap-Smears: Getting a full body checkup once a year is a good idea. This way you can nip health troubles in the bud. If you are unable to undergo a full body check, ensure that you check in for a pap smear every 6 months. This is to prevent cancer of the cervix. Take advantage of the women health camps that are organized. Don’t be lazy on this count. It can cost you your life.
  • Seek Advice: Visit gynecologists who can advise you on how to take care of your sexual well-being. You can visit the specialist before getting married. This is also called a pre-marital counseling.
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