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Arati Shah, a qualified and a practicing Diet & Nutrition Consultant is the co-founder and Principal Nutritionist of Cafe Nutrition, a company which delivers bespoke Nutrition & Diet Planning services to Individuals, Corporates, Children & Sportspersons.

Her academic achievements include a Graduation in Food Science & Nutrition and a Post Graduation in Sports Sciences & Nutrition. Apart from this, she keeps herself updated by taking International courses on food and sports nutrition as part of continuing education.

She has had the opportunity to work for the pioneering Sports Nutrition Centre in India – Gopi Krishna Piramal Memorial Centre working with elite Indian Sportspersons. Post working there for 4 years, she has been running her own consulting practice for the past 15 years. Currently she has a number of State and National level children from varied sports under her sports nutrition program achieving great results, without any kind of supplements.

Café Nutrition also sees a number of children and youth enrolling into their child and youth nutrition programs for good health. She aims at bringing back the importance of our traditional meals into the youth of today. Besides this she also helps in natural and sustainable weight loss by just bringing about a change in dietary habits, controlling portion sizes and eating at regular intervals.

We at Café Nutrition Enhance, Empower and Evolve a NEW YOU.

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