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Deeptanshu Bansal - Founder of Alyuva

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Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you. It’s a decision made by questioning why things are the way they are!

I was daiganose with Cancer in 2015. While undergoing treatments I started to question all the products that I used daily. It made me realize that the products I use everyday are doing more bad than good to my body. As humans our bodies are barred from the essential nutrients that cosmetics should ideally offer. So, I started to seek out safer versions of cleaning products, food, and cosmetics. I did my research and investigated what was currently in my daily regime. I began to detailed search for individual ingredients listed on labels and boxes and along the way I discovered Shata Dhauta Grihata. That was my ‘aha’ moment and that’s when Alyuva came into existence.

When talking about Alyuva , its our unique products that made the brand perfect fusion between ancient recipes and modern technology to create a whole new experience – Rich & Authentic Ayurveda. Our laboratory is more than just a place that produces products. It is a place to find energy, creative power, positive emotions, inspiration, peace and harmony.
Each of our handmade product uses traditional methods in its making and adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity, and quality. Ghrita (Ghee) is prepared from 100% pure A2 milk which comes from healthy and selected pure breed cows from our own dairy farm. Desi Cow Ghee is stirred slowly in copper vats with age-old chants, which impart unique properties to the cream to make it even more effective and potent for the skin. The powers of chants induce an aura of positivity and vibrancy stirred traditionally within the product.

Though most of us are health conscious right from early childhood, skin care comes rarely to our mind. For us, NATURE IS THE BEST WAY TO NURTURE! Through Alyuva, I seek to instil the strength of natural miracles to bring a glow as bright and luminous as the moon’s surface.With that in mind, there were no ifs, ands, or buts: I had to be 100% honest and genuine, 100% of the time to create something unique.

Currently, we are selling our products in Amazon and we have Six products (Anti-Aging Ayurvedic Cream, Deep Moisturising Ayurvedic Cream, Skin Restoring Ayurvedic Cream, Herb Infused Hair Oil – For Premature Greying of Hair, Herb Infused Hair Oil – For Premature Greying of Hair, Herb Infused Hair Oil – For Thinning & Falling Hair and Ayurvedic Hair Mask. We will be launching with some more products in Mid March.


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