Dhvani Shah

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Ms. Dhvani Shah is a consulting dietician and naturopathic nutritionist. She is a Registered Dietician with a post graduate degree in Clinical Nutrition and Diet therapy. She has undergone special training in Naturopathy, Sports Nutrition, Diabetes Management and Food Processing. She has done extensive research in traditional diet therapies and naturopathy and its relevance in modern context.

She is FIRST dietician in India who heals with food only. She has the only clinic in the country that not only treats weight but all diseases. She pioneers drug less healing and well being through her unique approach – FIMS. Apart from developing innovative healthy recipes and supplements, she is a regular practitioner of Yoga, Pilates and uses the concept of Meridian energies to rejuvenate and heal the body and mind. She is an accomplished Musician with a degree from Trinity College of London.

The FIMS clinic supports a body-mind-spirit approach. Her love for music further enables her to do proper justice to her work philosophy ‘Healing, the Nature’s way’. Just as music is about rhythm and harmony, it reflects in the results of her treatment programs – harmony and natural health!

She has carved a niche’ for herself as a Woman and Child Nutritionist by developing specialized nutrition programs, conducting workshops, developing nutritious recipes and now – writing a series of books on Child Nutrition.

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