Diksha Chhabra

Diksha Chhabra - Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

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“The day you stop competing with others for looks and body, you will find the real YOU. Do not lose the good in you, lose the bad – the fat.”

32 Yr old, Fitness Trainer. Sports Nutritionist. Mother of a 7-year old. Married to an Army Officer. These are some of the many accolades associated with Diksha Chhabra who is weight-lifting her way to success. Diksha is progressive and fearless when it comes to training and in every aspect of her life.

She has been practicing strength training for more than 2 years. Recently, she won ‘Mrs. India Earth’ at runner-up position and was also awarded the subtitle of “Mrs. Body Fit.” Diksha has continuously challenged the cliches and the contemporary image of an Indian woman and is now inspiring more women to look after themselves first.

She is also a health and Nutrition ambassador of HCWA i.e the philanthropy partner of Mrs. India Earth and Nutrition expert of team Womenly Campaigns.

Two years back, she was a full time working busy Mommy and a homemaker, with a hectic schedule and family responsibilities. Like a lot of married women in India, Diksha never paid attention to her health and fitness, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOD which led to massive weight gain. She was 86 kgs, 29 years and depressed.

She then decided to change, change her lifestyle, her outlook towards food and exercise, basically decided to take charge of her life. She bought a treadmill to start with, reduced eating, started home workout with which she lost 18 kgs but meanwhile educated herself with right ways of weight loss and found the theory of strength training very believable. She joined a gym and started lifting weights. It was a gradual process. From not being able to walk even for 2 km, she became someone who could deadlift 100 kgs and squat with 80 kgs. Now she is a healthy person with no hormonal problems (she has stopped taking medicine for thyroid) 61 kgs of weight and body fat 15 percent. She lost around 25 kgs in one year.

Her motivation was her conviction to be fit not only to look good but to be healthy for her child. She wanted to be an example to him. Fitness is not just a hobby anymore for her but it’s her lifestyle. It’s her passion and now also profession. During the process of weight loss, she understood the importance of ‘loving your own self’.

Diksha has become an inspiration for thousands of women and is helping them be a better and fitter version of themselves. Her success story has been covered by leading portals and publications such as The Hindu, Scoopwhoop, GQ and DainikBhaskar etc.

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