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Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy healer

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Hello everyone, I am Doreen Cohanim, an adventures woman whose mission is to empower all women from all walks of life and from all around the world, by simply offering simple but powerful insight to motivate them to thrive for happiness and success. To help them trust and to love themselves unconditionally, no matter where they stand in life. Even though some people life is full of difficult challenges, I know I can change their views on life. I have conducted over 500 Motivational speaking and workshops nationally and internationally on various subjects related to mental, emotional and physical healing. WomenPlanet is a great opportunity for me to empower others by sharing my thoughts and tips to help other like minded people to jump up the ladder to a joyful and a better life style.

I have no secrets, because I am an open book who is on this planet to share my wisdom with all beautiful souls from all around the world. I have been an Energy healer Malkeizedek Method, since 1999, shortly after my car accident which saved me from having a back surgery, and yes, thankfully, I have healed using the power of my mind in just four days. In 2004 I become a clinical hypnotherapist, and sometime later a Reiki Healer, Coach, and much more. I have shared my life experience with others who have invited me to their events, as a Speaker. As I think back, I was born gifted, always intuitive, and always attracted people who needed advice, emotional support and guidance.

I am proud to be a vessel helping clients and just anyone in need in achieving their goal, and this is to my wonderful nature that I proudly brag about, because I listen to others without any judgment. I know through mind power everyone else can. As a professional and as a person I don’t believe in “trying” because trying is always failing. Instead I believe in doing, facing, reaching out, and making things happen, no matter how hard it may be.

I welcome you to share your story, your thoughts and issues with me. And I promise to listen to you without judgment; with an open heart, and appositive feedback to lift you back into seeing yourself with unconditional love. Feel free to email me with any questions, or concerns you may have, by using the contact form. And I will either post your question with an answer unanimously, so we can discuss together and with others to help you to attract the best solution for you here on WomenPlanet.

Remember, your brain is like a computer and your subconscious mind is the program running inside it. And I can help you to ‘reprogram’ yourself to erase negative thoughts and access more positive influences to substantially improve your life.

For more details you can contact me on Facebook or my website.

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