Dr. Atish Laddad

Founder & Director at Docterz

Know More About Dr. Atish
Dr. Atish Laddad is the brainchild behind Docterz, a child healthcare digital platform shaped by a group of skilled pediatricians which aims to create nuance-based health tech solutions that cater to the needs of the audience. It is designed with an aim to capture and address various parental queries relevant to the various health maladies affecting children and makes an effort to bridge the gap between analogue and virtual healthcare consulting, analyzing and treatment. Dr. Atish Laddad and his team have curated this app with the vision to create a health tech-platform which is practical and can effortlessly compliment healthcare providers and guardians in their everyday lives. This initiative is basically targeted towards streamlining the entire medical process for health practitioners and patients alike. Through the Docterz platform, Dr. Laddad’s main focus is to build multiple platforms all targeted towards reforming the entire pediatric health zone. Under this app, Dr. Atish Laddad has introduced a range of sub-specialty apps, namely, Docterz App, Docterz Reception, Docterz Queues, Docterz At School and the yet-to-be-launched Docterz At Lab.   
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