Jainee Gandhi

Image Professional, Founder of Imag Edge Academy

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With experience spanning over half a decade in the field, Jainee Gandhi, a Certified Image Professional (CIP) from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is a trusted name in the world of Image Consulting. Her personal motto – “refuse to be unseen” is strongly reflected in all her work asshe strives to develop a holistic method ofImage Makeover for her clients and the image professionals she trains. Her carefully designed approach helps people build a brand image for themselves while also nurturing the unique traits specific to each personthat essentially makes them who they are. She harbours within her a zeal to assist every individual portray their best authentic image – with a special focus on their appearance – for more often than not there is nothing more impactful than what first meets the human eye. After years of experimenting with the tenets of style trends she concludes that,“Style is inclusive of all age, size and colour. Restrictions of any sort in this regard will only limit clients in a box and not let them explore their true worth.”

In the quest of delivering on her passion to help people naturally depict the best version of themselves, Jainee has not just been recognized asa celebrated & highly-featured image coach but also played multiple roles along the way. Some of these roles included being a classy personal shopper, a mentor for budding image consultants, a corporate guide to Indian clothing and a lot more of the like,all of which have over time helped Jainee better understand the nuances of shaping an individual’s image in a manner that best conveys their true potential.

A post-graduate in Human Resources from Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai), Ms Gandhi’s professional journey can aptly be summarised as “a head-hunter to a head-turner”. Over the length of her career,Jainee has gathered a sizeable number of accolades under her belt owing to her zest to deliver. Some of her professional milestones also include serving as a mentor for Cherie Blaire foundation of women and President-Elect for AICI Singapore chapter. She has also been honoured in Colour Analysis by Academy of Image Master, Singapore. Jainee is in a select league of individuals to be awarded the Professional Level Certification from AICI and has been educated under the curriculum designed by the US-based, world-renowned image consultant Judith Rasband, partnered with Ann Reinten’s global course.

Jainee’s work has been covered extensively by various media -TV shows, newspapers and scores of digital media groups and she has conducted multiple sessions on Image topics across various multinational corporates, social and educational organizations. She has also served as a prior active member of FICCI Flo and VP-Marketing for IMPA and senior alumni from ICBI where she has trained over 100 image consultants under her guidance.

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