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 “Sometimes it takes a whole life time to know someone. Sometimes all it takes is just a look” It really sounds so simple that one can say a lot about his/herself once given a chance but trust me it’s not. When the first time I tried to write down something about me, I was completely lost that from where i should start and where finish. I could manage to write just a few lines only. If you have already visited here, you must have read something about me. It took me a while to figure out what and how to write something about me. Well here is what I have come up with. It’s not complete of me but still I have tried to tell you about me as much I can in some lines and paragraphs. So what’s coming next is most of me…. Who AM I? I am Jasprit Kaur Seehra. Born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Brought up in Vadodara, Gujarat. I have started writing since school timings, however got a chance to put it here now. Some of the notes are still missing, but most of them are saved in my mind, soon will be posted here. My moon sign is Scorpion. A Scorpio Women is one of Mystery — part of tomboy, part femme fatale. I am Passionate, Protective, Magnetic, Energetic, Emotional, Exciting, Intense, Tenacious, Powerful, Resourceful, Attractive, Investigative, Diplomatic, Courageous & INDEPENDENT 🙂

Sometimes I am Introvert, no, I’m not shy or not stuck up or not antisocial. I am just listening and just observing. I can’t stand small talk… But I will talk about life for hours. I would rather be at home with a close friend or 2 than among a big crowd of acquaintances. I have a great passion for finding the truth. Mysteries, solving puzzles, and investigating are some of the things that fuel my desire to find the truth. I have a deep passion to express my emotions in some way and this is usually fulfilled through a loving relationship. I have an ironic willpower, and I tend to have a stubborn tenacity to it, so I end being able to go far. I am quite analytical, I tend to be introspective and I am better at feeling things. I always look forward to transform myself for the better. ALL IN ONE- Perfected the art of being dark and mysterious while being cute and goofy 😉

Educational LIFE I shall start with revealing a little secret. Mostly people around me think that I am so much intelligent. LOL! I never could understand why because there is never anything that I did so that I can feel the same too. So with that fact, let me share my educational life so far. I did my schooling from one of the best school in Vadodara, Gujarat. Tried to complete my graduation unsuccessfully. My Interests, Yes I do have interests beyond the bits and bytes of computer and the list is not small at all. So here it goes….

Music – Music is one of the most powerful mediums which effect one’s soul to the deepest levels. I am a music-buff. Basically I like all kinds of music. But what I am going to hear, it depends on my mood. In general, all type of music are my favourites except Rock. I don’t like Rock much. In specific, I like soulful, melodious music with lyrics which touch heart and soul.

Reading- I read a lot. Magazines, comics, novels, story books, articles, blogs, anything. My favourite book is “The Alchemist”.

How I spend My Time- I love to stumble upon sites of my interest. Mostly they all are related to humour, jokes, poetry or random articles about life, love. I love to read so it’s a good way for me of spending my time.

Where I See Myself in FUTURE- Future is really something which can’t be defined and bounded in any boundaries. It’s certainly can’t be decided too. Yes I have some plans and goals that I have decided for me but it’s better to keep them a secret for now. Let’s see where life takes me? Yes whatever I shall be doing, I guarantee you that it will be with full passion and dedication.

My Mantra to LIFE- My life and my self are not really limited to one thing or aspect. I love to learn new things, expanding my horizon of knowledge in every aspect. Life is so short and this world is so big. There is so much out there to learn. My mantra for life is that believe in yourself, stay focused and keep going. If you know what you are doing is not wrong than don’t be afraid from doing it ever. Have faith in yourself. Value your relations and people in them. Help those who need you. Give smiles and spread happiness as much you can and it will come back to you in doubles. It’s not the end so create memories, explore and learn….

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