Shweta D Souza

Guest Author, Women Planet

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A young professional who shadows as a fitness and lifestyle trainer. Shweta Dsouza started her career as a young dancer moving into choreography at the very young age of fifteen. A series of spotlight performances later she hung up her dancing shoes to be part of the corporate world joining a brand consulting firm fresh after graduation.

Studying the craft of branding and communications under the best professionals of the industry. Shweta in her tenure of consulting has honed her skills as a consultant in the fashion, sport and lifestyle industries handling global accounts and promoting some of the best brands in the spheres of sports, fashion, luxury, lifestyle, corporate and others.

But quick feet don’t rest. Shweta after her dancing stint restlessly she adopted a unique form of exercise, Capoeira which finds its roots from Brazil. A martial art to add to her kitty only made Shweta’s skills sharper and resolve stronger to train and consult others in fitness and lifestyle choices. Soon under the leadership and guidance of the fitness brand ‘Fitnessism’ an extremely effective form of body weight, flexibility and balance functional workouts, Shweta began to delve deeper into fitness and training. 

Today a constantly learning Capoeirista and Fitnessism fanatic, Shweta mixes her delicate dance and posture knowledge along with the intense fitness flavor to design personalized workout that suit various physical and health lifestyles. Training mainly in postures and expressions. She amalgamates dance, yoga, pilates, body balance, movements and base martial arts to create something different each time you workout.

When she is not working she trains. And when is is done none of that, she is reading or catching up with friends. An ardent reader, Shweta likes the idea of always learning and thirsts for the knowledge of all things whether relevant and irrelevant to her interests. With so many passions and days full with activity this girl still looks for more things to do each day, Restless feet which won’t stop moving. 

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