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With a vision to reverse the ageing cycle for men & women in India, ‘Skin Nirvana’ an advanced cosmetic medical center was founded in the year 2013 by Dr.Gitanjali Nandini who is an American Board Certified Aesthetic Physician and a UK Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist.

Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, Skin Nirvana is a state of art medical center equipped with world- class technology & equipment’s to facilitate Non-Surgical treatments for skin care, hair restoration and body contouring.

Taking the concept of ‘Ageing Gracefully’ literally, Skin Nirvana specializes in World Class Anti-ageing treatments with Botox, Fillers, Non-Surgical Thread lifts and Anti-ageing lasers as their USP. Dr.Gitanjali firmly believes that a flawless, rejuvenated skin plays a vital role in the over-all personality and confidence of a woman and every woman should have access to treatments that can enhance her looks. Thus, the clinic aims at increasing accessibility of these treatments for urban women of various walks of life,making it a part of their everyday lifestyle.

Skin Nirvana offers STATE of THE ART laser treatments for a wide array of skin problems which include treatment for unwanted hair, scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, saggy skin, open pores, wrinkles and fine lines. These lasers are quick, with no or minimal downtime, and excellent results. Hence, there is disruption to the client’s livelihood or daily activity. The services are also cost- effective so that all can afford the treatments. Skin Nirvana also has a variety of Medi Facial for those who want a little pampering but with quick results of brightening, tan reduction, tightening and glow.

Skin Nirvana understands that every human body is unique and reacts differently to treatments based on their medical and biological history. This being their core principal, each patient at Skin Nirvana undergoes detailed consultation, various assessments and individualized treatment plans to suit the patients’ needs and budget. This has resulted in very high success rates amongst patients. Hence,in a short span of 2 years, the clinic has earned a credible reputation in the field of cosmetology and has a global ambition of creating super clinics across the country in next 5 years.

Quote from Dr. Gitanjali– “I have always been fascinated by Skin, it being the largest organ of the body. It plays a very vital role in the appearance of a person. With Skin Nirvana, our aim is to make a healthy, beautiful skin attainable for everyone”.

Skin Nirvana specializes in Non- Surgical anti-ageing treatments.It also contributes in the field of trichology by offering WORLD CLASS hair loss treatments and non- surgical hair restoration.

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