Sonia Agarwal Bajaj

Founder – Little Chipper International

Know More About Sonia Agarwal

Dynamic, inspiring, determined and compassionate are a few words that truly outline the unceasing zest of young entrepreneur, Sonia Agarwal Bajaj. Fuelled by her passion to transform young minds and hearts, she is an edupreneur that is gaining promising grounds in the space of early education.

This fledgling young turk is the mastermind behind  Little Chipper International, an early learning center in Agra. In a short span of a year, Little Chipper International has won heart of many parents and has been recognised as the ‘upcoming school of the year 2019’. Sonia has bold and refreshing ideas to reform the early education programs in India. She confidently strives to raise promising world leaders of tomorrow.

She strongly advocates the importance of early education and the lasting impact it can have on a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.  Sonia is set to transfrom the early education space in India with her vision to bridge the wide gap between the top quality of early educations programs and the ones available in tier II cities of India.

Little Chipper International is one of the pioneering preschools in India to have a learning-centric approach as compare to a teaching centric approach. Their sole axiom is to facilitate the child’s learning by enabling scafolded, learning rich environments. Little chipper perates all its programs with an exceptional 1 faculty to 8 toddlers.

Sonia’s deep desire to create and build companies that inspire positive change has led her to wear many big hats successfully in the past. She has previously been a founding CEO of WHITENIFE (India’s largest sustainable and green gifting company) & a co-founder to Freshmentors (an education start up that connected prospective university students to student mentors around the world.

Today, Sonia can rightly be called the soul and the life-force behind The Little Chipper International that has been continually stirring educators and parents through their amplified and radical early education programs.

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