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Dr. Swati Dave is a practicing Dietician with a total experience of 5.5 years. She is a frontrunner in the Health & Lifestyle Consultancy/ Diet Planning/ Nutrition Management department with an Organization of Repute through which she wishes contribute best of the services, efforts and capabilities for the development of the people, community Vis-à-Vis nation.

Educational background:

– B.Sc. Home Science from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, June, 2001.

– M.Sc. Home Science Food and Nutrition, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner, Nov., 2003.

– Ph.D. Home Science, Food and Nutrition (Through course work), Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, March, 2008.


Ph. D.


Development of QCC (Quick Cooking Convenient) Products Based on QPM (Quality Protein Maize).



Assessment of nutritional status: A study on adult females (19-20 years) of Bikaner city (Raj.).

Research interests:

– Clinical nutrition

– Community nutrition

– Public health nutrition

Area of specialization: Food service management and Dietetics

Life member:

– Nutrition Society of India

– Indian Dietetics Association

Learning Exposure:

– Junior Research Fellow under the WHO sponsored project on “Determination of loss of Iodine indifferent types of cooking processes”, for a period of 6 months, from Aug.2003 to Feb.2004.

– Three months teaching experience. (Coaching for JET students)

Internship / Training:

– One-month internship at Dietetic Dept. of SMS Hospital, Jaipur (2002).

– One-month internship at Hotel Raj Vilas Palace, Bikaner (2002).

– Workshop cum Training Programme organized under WHO sponsored project on “Determination of Loss of Iodine in Different Types of Cooking Process”, at National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad during 24th to 30th Sep.2003.


– Won First prize for Poster making competition on Dietetics Day Celebration (10-1-2014) organized by Nutrition In India group of a social website “FACEBOOK”.

– Won Second prize for Poster presentation “A study on Awareness & Importance of dietary intake during Pregnancy” in NUTRICON on 2nd & 3rd March 2013 at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad. (H. Saraiya, Dr. Swati Dave and Dr. Jui Shah).

– Won special appreciationprize for Poster presentation “Health Status of Expectant Mothers” in 8th National Conference of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group India (DIPSI) on 16th & 17th Feb 2013, Ahmedabad. (H. Saraiya, Dr. Swati Daveand Dr. Jui Shah).

-Internal expert and woman member in the Interview board for selection of Cook-Mate (ESIC Model Hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat) held from 17-1-2011 to 4-2-2011.

– ASRB National Eligibility Testing (NET) for Lectureship qualified (2004).

– ICAR candidate for M. Sc. H. Sc. Food and Nutrition (2001).

– University merit scholarship for Master’s and Doctorate degrees (2001 and 2004).

– Student NSS (National Service Scheme) In-charge for the year 1999-2001.

– Hostel President for the year 2005-2006.

Writing endeavors:

– Popular health article:

1) “Emotional eating” in Drug Today Medical Times (1st – 31st July, 2014): .

2) “The Lunch Box” in Drug Today Medical Times (1st – 31st July, 2014): .

3) Women Dietary Needs” in Brahm Smnvy (June, 2014):

4) “Summer-nama to stay fit” in Jai Haatkeshvani (June, 2014):

5) “Super Kids in Making!!!” in DIP notes (2014):

6) “Don’t just WEIGHT, Start MOVING ..!!!” in ESIC Samachar, News Journal of ESI Corporation:

7) “Nutritional GOALS of Senior Citizen’s” in Jai Haatkeshvani, May, 2014: 42.

8) “Fridge Rules for Healthy You” in Jai Haatkeshvani, March, 2014: 22.

9) “Shun junk lifestyle & encourage healthy habits” in Drug Today Medical Times (1st – 28th February, 2014): 6.

10) “Healthiest Meal of the Year !!!” in Jai Haatkeshvani, January-February, 2014: 37.

11) “Eat, live healthy, Will remain healthy” in Drug Today Medical Times (1st – 31st January, 2014): 16.

12) “Deep insight of Dia-O-besity” in Nagar Samachar, January, 2014:.

13) “Diet & Keep a check on their calorie intake” in Jai Haatkeshvani, November, 2013: 43.

14) “Healthy meal schedule for exam” in Drug Today Medical Times (1st – 31st March, 2013): 6.

15) “Be well with Diabetes this winter” in Drug Today Medical Times (1st – 28th February, 2013): 6.

16) “From Fat to Fit @ your Desk” in ESIC Samachar, News Journal of ESI Corporation, September, 2012: 52.

17) “Nutritious Packed Lunches viz. “Office-TIFFIN” in Shalby Times, Hospital Magazine, 2009: March to August.

– Expert advice on Breast feeding practice in Drug Today Medical Times (1st – 31st August, 2012): 8.

– As SMS participated in Live T.V. talk shows on Healthy Lifestyle, Diet Planning & Nutrition Management.

Key Skills: Practical bent of mind, team skills, customer centric, handle customer issues with ease & ensure that the clients are satisfied with the results. Enjoys administrative activities, energetic, enthusiastic and motivating, enjoys working with people and has team development skills.

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