Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Your PPF Investments

An outstanding instrument for long-term savings is the PPF account (Public Provident Fund). The PPF account is almost a blessing for risk-averse investors, wrapped in protection and free of tax. As it is supported by the government, it is also totally secure and risk-free. PPF is particularly suitable for self-employed professionals and small businesses that

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Life Planning Guide: – How to Plan for Medical Emergencies
Health insurance

A medical emergency is a sudden injury or a severe illness that could cause death or serious harm if not treated on time. Healthcare expenses are continually rising, and with the ever-rising increase in diseases, medical insurance today is necessary.

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Tested and Proven Trade Shows Marketing Strategies
Trade Show Display

Starting a business or an investment is only half the work; the venture needs to be nurtured until it matures. Proper marketing is without a doubt a key ingredient to the growth and expansion of any establishment. Any business needs to be marketed to the target clients. The contemporary marketing approach highlighted here focuses on the use of customized trade show exhibition stalls by the trade show displays experts at ExpoMarketing to make a splashing impact with the potential clients.

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Emotional Competence : Your Success Mantra
Woman Success Mantra
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Emotional Competence is capability of a person to use emotional skills in job and day to day life, with mastery on these capacities a person can achieve success in his career. What counts most in job performance is “Emotional Competence” and not high I.Q, business school degree or technical experts.

How Much Can I Save By Biking To Work?
Biking to Work

Cycling is undoubtedly the ideal way to receive unlimited benefits to the body while at the same time saving hard earned money. For someone whose main objective is to save a couple of coins, then cycling beats driving as well as the use of public transport. This is primarily attributed to its reduced expenses which are associated with the two.

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Why Men Earn and Invest While Women Love Shopping?
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For women shopping is a rejuvenating and relaxing exercise, similar to endless meaningless talking. On seeing signs of “Sale Boards” outside major shopping malls, there is an immediate rush of pleasure chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin in a typical women brain attracting and binding her towards it. While men become anxious and frustrated in a dress shop, women love testing a wide range of clothes because it fits the pattern of her brain with each dress teasing a different emotion or feeling of her various unimaginable moods. To make women in charge of spending is like making a butcher the safe keeper of a goat!

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How Can A Housewife Help In Financial Planning?
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A housewife who dedicates herself to family care, works day and night to ensure that her house always remains in order. On monetary grounds, the only area she has been taking care is the household budget. Her husband gives her some monthly amount to manage household expenses and she does it successfully. She never gets herself involved in other money matters that could be life-changing, leaving them on her husband to manage. But, is this the right thing to do?

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How Can Salaried Women Plan Their Taxes?
Finance planning
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Women are claiming equality with men in every field of life! And keeping this in mind, the tax provisions are also made common for salaried men as well as salaried women. Couple of years ago, there used to be extra rebate of Rs. 5,000 for tax paying women but that was withdrawn and now the provision of the Income Tax Laws treat salaried women at par with salaried men. There are no extra special provisions available for this segment, as compared to the men folk.

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Plan For Your Sweet Moments in Retirement
woman retirement
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Women tend to live longer. Studies in the past have shown that life expectancy of women is higher than their husbands. This means, living-off on pension money for a period longer than living together. A woman at home needs to be aware of the retirement plan that her husband has designed.

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Investment Options For Housewives
woman with money
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Financially Savvy Housewives A medical emergency in the middle of the night is always scary. Imagine, it strikes and the husband has to be taken to the hospital immediately. Typically, in most Indian households, it is the women of the house, who usually become active. From somewhere, she gets hold of cash, accumulated over period

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What’s Your Money Resolution For 2015?
Money resolution 2015

With the New Year already started with a big boom, we are back to square one, talking, deciding and finally making money resolutions to have a crisper 2015. Money saving is a big time resolution that is not easy to follow. You may give up smoke or some of your ill-habits, but saving money and not making unnecessary expenses is surely not an easy task for all. After all, it affects our eating habits, our lifestyle and desires.

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Salary Discrimination For Educated Women At Work
salary dicrimination

A recent study says that the more educated a woman, the higher the salary discrimination she faces at work.

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Money Arrangement Rules for Couples

Money makes and also breaks many relationships. So it is important to manage money in such a way that it doesn’t hinder your relationship, especially in the case of couples.

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