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Giving Bollywood A New Face – Deepshikha Deshmukh

Women are born Talented and Natural Multi-taskers! And one woman who rightly fills in this label of being a great Multi-Tasker along with being immensely talented is Deepshikha Deshmukh! A loving mother, a young producer, a dynamic entrepreneur and a woman who believes in telling stories differently! Daughter of bollywood’s infamous producer Vashu Bhagnani, and wife to Dhiraj Deshmukh, Deepshikha has carved her own niche in the film industry and in the cosmetic market by creating her own range of skincare products under the brand name – Love Organically.


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In this rendezvous with WomenPlanet, Deepshikha gives us an insight to her life, her thoughts and her work!

Coming from a family that breathes films, getting a chance to explore her own talents in the industry was not difficult but also not easy! She believes, that though the scale tipped slightly in her favor,  nothing can be accomplished without hard work & more importantly a passion that drives you to do the things you love & enjoy! Her greatest advantage is not that she hails from a family belonging to the Film Fraternity, but a family that has lead by example and always pushed her to achieve more. This is probably one reason that made her choose films like Madaari and Sarbjit. Deepshikha believes that the Viewers are gradually moving towards different genres. She states, “The transition is not fast paced. Today you find many more viewers open to different kind of films as compared to the 1990s. Mainstream movies will always take center stage, but they are beginning to share it with unconventional films like Madaari and Sarbjit.”

Inspired by her father, who managed both work and family time with ease, Deepshikha learnt everything from her idol, her dad. She saw him mould their lives beautifully, making them independent and follow their dreams. With this strong foundation set by her family, managing work as a producer, taking care of the kids as a mother and starting her own skincare brand just got easier in life.

Apart from films, Deepshikha is also the flag-bearer of beauty and elegance! She is the CEO and Founder of a skincare range, Love Organically, which is best described as a concoction of a mother’s unconditional love and the goodness of nature, all packed into one! Each product formulated by Love Organically is based on Ayurveda, organic and naturally occurring and guided by the wisdom of generations. It is a product that everyone can use, you and your kid alike, without any worry of damage to your delicate skin.

But in a market swarming with skin care brands, what makes Love Organically stand above the others?

Answering to this, Deepshikha states, “Love Organically is nothing but Natural. Fresh. Organic. Each ingredient used has a special functionality; some hydrate the skin, while some pamper, some help you & your little one sleep better ,while others make you feel one with nature. Each product is crafted with a specific purpose, besides the healing properties, they also carry soft fragrances that transport you right into nature’s lap.”

The products are formulated especially for women and mothers, who are multi-taskers like Deepshikha, and spend absolutely no time on their beauty. These products make you feel good, while taking care of yourself. And beauty is something that comes from within. So if you feel fresh, it shows on your skin. That’s just what Love Organically does for you!

Beauty for women is not just looking beautiful outside, but feeling it within! Today, Indian women represent the country on International podiums like the Cannes Film Festival with pride. And looking beautiful and being a fashion icon to millions is not an easy task. When asked about these film festivals now being more of a Fashion Frontier than a platform that showcases new and creative movies, Deepshikha rightly states, that Fashion is rooted in almost everything. She believes Cannes is an excellent platform that encourages and showcases brilliant talent from across the globe. It introduces you to a host of talented people from different film industries, each lending a different experience or an interesting conversation. It has particularly benefited Indian cinema, but introducing our work to the world, this not only serves as an inspiration to others but also expands the audience base.

A true inspiration to all! More power to you Deepshikha!

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